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Plague's End

Plague's End

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  • Time: hours.


    Quests: Catapult Construction, Making History, Within The Light

    Skills: Level 75 Agility, Level 75 Construction, Level 75 Crafting, Level 75 Dungeoneering, Level 75 Herblore, Level 75 Mining, Level 75 Prayer, Level 75 Ranged, Level 75 Summoning, Level 75 Woodcutting.

    Items: Full set of Mourner gear (mourner boots, a mourner cloak, mourner gloves, mourner top and mourner trousers), 1 rune bar, 1 plant cure (or the runes to cast the Cure Plant spell), 10 magic logs, 200 spirit shards, a blue charm, a green charm, a crimson charm, a gold charm, a pouch and a super defence (3) potion. Combat gear, food and potions (though not necessary) are highly recommended to take on the tough monsters during this quest.

    SUGGESTED: A charged teleport crystal for fast teleportation around the Elven lands, teleports to Ardougne, coins for Charter Ships to Port Tyras.


    50,000 xp lamps in Agility, Crafting, Construction, Dungeoneering, Herblore, Mining, Prayer, Ranged, Summoning and Woodcutting.
    'of the Elves' title
    Trahaearn exoskeleton
    Access to Prifddinas
    Two treasure hunter keys and two hearts of ice

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2.

The Exoskeleton reward provides a +25% chance to avoid stunning and damage from pickpocketing, and to avoid being bitten by a snake in Pyramid Plunder when thieving urns. The gloves provide a +5% success chance when pickpocketing, and the entire set will adopt any Black Ibis Outfit bonuses you've unlocked, as well as each piece reducing total weight by -2kg.
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