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Song from the Depths

Song from the Depths

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 1.5 hours


    • 700 Constitution XP
    • Coral crossbow
    • 50 coral bolts
    • Remora's necklace
    • Reduced damage from the Queen Black Dragon
    • Music track "Wending Through the Willows" unlocked

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


If you log out during any puzzle point of the quest, you can speak with Lucille again to return to last set of puzzles you were in. You will need to redo the puzzle. This is the first quest that has a music track unlocked as a reward. You can find the lyrics to "Wending in the Willows" in the bookcase in Lucille's house. Want to squish more grotworms? Head down to the Grotworm Lair for a chance to receive the Royal Cape, and restock your supply of coral bolts. After completing the quest, re-enter the cave for additional rewards. You will need to follow some distant echoes for clues to know which doors you need to enter. Note that you will need to have your compass pointing north to follow the directions correctly. THE DOORS YOU NEED TO GO THROUGH ARE: 'Wonders left from a time forgotten.' - Go through the western door 'Secrets dwell in the bottomless depths.' - Go through the southern door 'Ensconced from those who have no right.' - Go through the eastern door 'Numberless and unseen from the eyes above.' - Go through the northern door Once you have followed the directions correctly, you will find yourself in a room with an acid pool spanning across the middle. Two walls with ancient writing, when read, will give you 5,000 experience in constitution (from the wall closest to the entrance of the room), and 25,000 experience in constitution (from the wall across the acid pool, requires 80+ constitution).

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