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Spirit of Summer

Spirit of Summer

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours   


    Quests: The Restless Ghost

    Skills: Level 40 Construction, Level 26 Farming, Level 35 Prayer, Level 19 Summoning


    • 7,500 Construction XP
    • 5,000 Prayer XP
    • 2,000 Farming XP
    • 1,000 Summoning XP
    • Jennica's Ring
    • Access to Spirit Realm and more one-time xp bonuses 

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • If you have to leave the quest area, you can get back at a later time by talking to the spirit girl, Summer. She can be found at the quest's starting location, north of Varrock.
  • Except for the summoning pouches, all of the required items spawn at the quest locations. There is no need to carry a lot of items.
  • Wear Jennica's ring and operate it while standing on a portal to the other realm to get additional one-time xp. You must have level 50 in that skill to receive the xp:
    • Western Ruins - 15,000 Farming xp
    • Forgotten Cemetery - 15,000 Prayer xp
    • Axe Hut - 11,250 Attack xp
  • At the Forgotten Cemetery, closing the coffins in the spirit realm will spawn four level 79 ghosts in the real world. Anyone can attack them.
  • At the Axe Hut, the building in the spirit realm is occupied by level 42 ghostly warriors which you can do battle with.
  • Jagex states that wearing Jennica's ring improves drops from killing revenants.
  • If you lose Jennica's ring, you can recover it by searching the pile of rubble next to where you begin the quest. 
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