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Summer's End

Summer's End

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 3 hours   


    Quests: Spirit of Summer

    Skills: Level 23 Summoning, Level 23 Woodcutting, Level 35 Hunter, Level 45 Mining, Level 47 Firemaking, Level 55 Prayer


    • 1,500 Summoning Experience
    • 5,000 Hunter Experience
    • 5,000 Mining Experience
    • 5,000 Woodcutting Experience
    • 10,000 Prayer Experience
    • 15,000 Firemaking Experience
    • Spirit Shield
    • Upgraded version of Jennica's Ring

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • Should you die during the quest, your gravestone will appear at the quest's starting location, near the wilderness wall. Teleport to Edgeville using an amulet of glory and quickly run back to recover your items in time.
  • Bring the highest quality hatchet you can use to speed up collecting the logs during the battle with the Beast.
  • Players who have completed the As a First Resort... quest will want to take advantage of the pools for their energy boosts.
  • If you lose Jennica's ring, you can recover it by searching the pile of rubble next to where you begin the quest.
  • During the quest cutscenes, you can click on your mini-map without interrupting the scene to move away from the beast itself. This may help to avoid taking damage right as the cutscene ends. However, do not light a pyre until the scene is over.
  • After the quest you can fight the Corporeal Beast (level 782, 20,000 LP!) in the third room of the cave, which will now be accessible through the real world. See our Corporeal Beast monster hunting guide for more information.
  • Your spirit shield reward can be blessed with a holy elixir if you have level 85 Prayer, or by paying a fee of 1,000,000 coins to Brother Jered in the Monastery if you do not.
  • A blessed shield can have a sigil attached to it. Doing so requires level 85 Prayer and level 90 Smithing. Four different sigils exist. They are dropped by the Corporeal Beast. See the "shields" section of our Prayer Guide for more information.
  • After the quest, wearing Jennica's ring now allows you into five new portals that offer one-time experience:
    • Castle Ruins in the High Wilderness (Level 47), far east of the Demonic Ruins: 7,500 Smithing XP
    • Rogue's Castle: 15,000 Thieving XP (requires 60 Thieving). The portal is three squares east of the broom leaning on the wall, outside castle in the backyard. While in the spirit realm, close both jail doors inside the Rogues Castle. Return to the regular world and tell the rogue in the cell that you are helping him escape. Afterwards you can find him south of Varrock's archery shop where he will buy unenchanted jewellery for the low alch value of the item.
    • Chaos Temple in the Level 12 Wilderness, south of the Graveyard of Shadows: 7,500 Prayer XP. Includes a spirit person that will tell you about the God Wars and how Guthix interfered - you need an amulet of ghostspeak to talk to him.
    • Dark Warriors' Fortress in the Level 15 Wilderness, west of the Wilderness volcano: 15,000 Defence XP (requires 80 Defence). Invisible portal is in the centre of the courtyard. Includes level 129 tormented wraith that can be attacked if you are wearing a full set of black armour. See our database entry on the tormented wraith for more information.
    • Eastern Ruins, north of the Graveyard of Shadows: 7,500 Farming XP. 
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