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Swan Song

Swan Song

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours   


    Quests: One Small Favour and Garden of Tranquility. You must also have 101 quest points

    Skills: 66 Magic, 62 Cooking, 62 Fishing, 45 Smithing, 42 Firemaking and 40 Crafting


    • 15,000 Magic experience
    • 10,000 Prayer experience
    • 10,000 Fishing experience
    • 25,000 Coins
    • Access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony
    • Ability to fish Monkfish
    • Song Unlocked: Last Stand
    • Song Unlocked: Making Waves

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • When the quest is completed the town has fishing spots, a combination bank and general store, a furnace, a range, and many water sources. There are two seaweed respawns in the north east corner close to the fishing spots and the bank. Two of the houses of the fishing colony are full of leftover Skeletal Mages that you can fight.
  • Monkfish can be caught at fishing spots after the quest, are tradeable, and heal 160 LP. Monkfish are caught with a small net in one of the fishing spots, and each spot also includes the option to harpoon tuna/swordfish. Each monkfish caught gives more experience than a shark would and they are caught faster than sharks.
  • If you search Herman's desk you will find a book with the history of the Wise Old Man's life and his true name.
  • If you bring a pot and lid to Malignius Mortifer after completing the quest you can ask for another bone seed. You can only have one pot with a bone seed at a time and when you open the pot a Skeleton Mage will be summoned, do an emote, and die, leaving you with your pot and lid.
  • "Fresh monkfish" can only be caught during the quest and are untradeable. Cooked fresh monkfish only heal 10 LP.
  • After the quest you can press more iron sheets, which give 20 exp each, and you can sell them to Franklin for 20gp each.
  • After the quest Malignius Mortifier will still give you brown aprons. This makes it easier to get into the crafting guild.
  • After the quest you can do tasks for the Wise Old Man which can give small skill experience and item rewards.
  • An alternate route to piscatoris is through the fairy ring AKQ (requires Fairy Tale Part 2 started) or the teleport of the Spirit Kyatt (requires 57 summoning). 
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