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Temple at Senntisten, The

Temple at Senntisten, The

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Quick Overview
  • Time : 2 hours


    Quests: Curse of Arrav, Desert Treasure, Devious Minds

    Skills: Level 50 Prayer

    Items: Rope, Spade, Hammer, Telegrab Runes

    Miscellaneous: 125 Kudos with the Varrock Museum


    • Experience Lamp (23k xp to any skill over level 50)
    • 2x Combat Lamp (20k xp to any combat skill over level 50 - can also select summoning but not prayer)
    • 10k Prayer xp
    • Access to Senntisten Temple's Altar
    • Access to the Ancient Curses

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • A Digsite pendant is useful for this quest, and Ali the Wise will provide one free of charge at the start point. However, you have to deliberately ask him how to get to the Digsite; otherwise, you'll miss the opportunity.
  • Travel to the Frozen Fortress has many options. Lunar magic 89 has an ideal ice plateau teleport. A friend with Level 90 Lunar magic can teleother you. The Ancient magic (level 96) Ghorrock Teleport to the Ice Plateau is also a possibility.
  • The Frozen Fortress is not in the Wilderness.
  • You can speak to Azzanadra to get another heat globe to re-enter the frozen fortress. 
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