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Void Stares Back, The

Void Stares Back, The

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 4 hours
    Quests:A Void DanceDruidic Ritual, Quiet Before the Swarm, Wolf Whistle
    Skills: Level 80 Magic, Level 78 Attack, Level 78 Strength, Level 71 Firemaking, Level 70 Construction, Level 70 Crafting, Level 70 Smithing, Level 55 Summoning, Level 10 Defence
    Other: Complete the Conquest tutorial. About 2M will be spent.
    Elite void knight torso
    Korasi's sword
    2 Books of equilibrium, granting 50,000 XP to any combat stats over 75
    20,000 XP in Construction, Crafting, Firemaking, Magic, Smithing, and Summoning
    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:
If you have the Soul Split curse (92 Prayer), you can use it against the Pest Queen as the healing effect is very helpful with Korasi's sword.
A Spirit Kyatt summoning familiar can be an effective alternative to a Beast of Burden or a Healing familiar. By using the Spirit Kyatt's Ambush scroll ability, it is possible to hit the Pest Queen for large amounts of damage quite quickly. If you choose to use this method, bringing Summoning potions to restore the Spirit Kyatt's special move bar is recommended.
If you die while battling the queen, Sir Tiffy in Falador Park will teleport you back to the portal, where your gravestone is.
After the quest, the Elite void knight torso and legs can be upgraded from your current Void knight armour for 100 Commendations each. They have the same stats except for a +4 prayer boost for each part.
The colour of your Elite void knight armour is based on decisions made during this quest as well as A Void Dance. Generally, the more lives needlessly taken, the darker the armour. If you choose a mixture of "black" and "white" decisions over the course of the two quests the armour you receive will be grey. The three different types are Void guardian (White), Void Justiciar (Grey), and Void Executioner (Black).
If you decide you would like to change the color of your Elite void knight armour you can talk to Commodore Tyr on the Void Knight's Island and have it changed for 100,000 gp.
Korasi's sword, one of the quest rewards, is actually a very good weapon for training - even better than the Dragon scimitar.

Members? Yes Unlocked by Quest? Yes Tradeable? No Stackable? No
Examine: The sword of a Void Knight. Weight: 0.90 kg

Category Weapon Sub-category Melee
High Alchemy 0 gp Low Alchemy 0 gp
Location Obtained from Korasi during the Void Stares Back Quest.
Uses Used as a weapon. The special attack, Disrupt, has a 100% chance of hitting its target and uses 60% of the special bar. The special attack is magic based and will hit for 50% to 150% of your regular maximum hit. In a multi-combat zone, it will hit up to three targets. If the attack hits multiple targets the damage is halved after each one. Using the special attack will give you some magic experience.
Notes If you lose the sword during the quest you can get it back from Korasi or Jessika in the queen's chamber. If you lose the sword after the quest you can buy it from Commander Tyr for 250k.

During The Void Stares back quest it has a different special attack which uses 15% of the special attack bar and prevents the Pest Queen from using her 500 damage attack.
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