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While Guthix Sleeps

While Guthix Sleeps

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Tips, tricks & notes:
Several objects needed can be found throughout the quest, you just need to carefully search for them. Do not get discouraged if you get stuck; this quest was meant to be difficult.
You can buy an iron chainbody and bronze med helm while you are at the Warrior's Guild so you do not have to go off and try to buy them or smith them.
Elite black armour and Dagon'Hai robes are only available again as an extremely rare drop, and they are REQUIRED to complete this quest, so keep this in mind if you decide to sell before you finish.
Take the strange key teeth and the strange key loop to the ancient cavern and use them on a mithril dragon to make a dragonkin key. Use dragonkin key on the mithril door and cast a fire wave on each of the dragon heads. You can now head off to the room with the anvils and find lava there. If you have all three pieces and 92 smithing, you'll have the ability to smith a dragon platebody!
You can go back and kill the tormented demons again for attempts to gain more dragon metal fragments or dragon claws after the quest.
Movario's hideout has a tunnel on the second floor near the staircase. You can loot the stockpiles of fire runes, death runes, coal and magic logs. However, you will need to balance your weight in order to exit safely. Some players decide that taking damage from exiting is simpler than fiddling with the weights, and just top off their life points at the bank before returning.
You can use boosts such as beers to increase your stats to start this quest.

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