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World Wakes, The

World Wakes, The

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The original resting place of Guthix. Sought by treasure hunters and historians alike for hundreds of years, its discovery will shake the very core of Gielinor. But how will you choose to progress through it? It’s packed full of choices and the path that you take will have world-shaking consequences. Huge amounts of history and the story of the Guardians of Guthix can be found, as well as direct contact with some of RuneScape's most powerful characters.

If you go back into the temple and pay your respects at the monument, you will recieve 100k Prayer experience (requires 90 Prayer). Lighting the five torches around the monument awards 10k Firemaking experience each (requires 74 Firemaking). If you need to destroy your rewards because you do not have the level then you can retrieve them from the high priest.

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