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Saradomin staff

Saradomin staff

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Quick Overview
  • Gives the ability to cast "Saradomin Strike" which lowers the target's prayer points by 1 every time you hit.

Member? Yes
Unlocked by Quest? Yes
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine A magical staff imbued with the power of Saradomin.
Weight 2.20 kg
Category Weapon
Sub-category Mage
High Alchemy 48000 gp
Low Alchemy 32000 gp
Location Buy for 80000 coins from the Chamber Guardian at the Mage Arena in the Wilderness.
Uses Wield for combat.
Notes This staff used to be required to cast one of the god spells, but with the arrival of the Evolution of Combat these spells were replaced with the Divine Storm spell. The Divine Storm spell must be cast 100 times in the Mage Arena before it can be used anywhere else in the world. All god staves and god capes do not increase the power of the Divine Storm spell. 60 Magic and completion of the Mage Arena mini-quest to wield.
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