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TokHaar Kal - New Fire Cape (Ranged)

TokHaar Kal - New Fire Cape (Ranged)

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Quick Overview
  • Skills requirements: 

    80+ attack, strength & mage, 70+ defense, 70+ranged, 60+ prayer and 67+summoning.

    Items requirement:

    Fire cape (If you did not played this mini game before.)

    Karil's set, 1000bolt rack, Karils x-bow, Ganodermic set, polypore staff, Guthan's set, any Godsword, Amulet of glory & Tokkul-zo.

    4  prayer renewal flask(6), 6  super  restore flask(6), 20 saradomin brew flask(6) & 4  war tortoise pouches.

    Quest requirement: The Elder Kiln.


The TokHaar-Kal is the reward for the completion of the Fight Kiln minigame. This cape ties with the completionist cape for highest strength bonus of any cape with +8 and the highest defense bonus of any cape with +12 in all stats.

Completion of The Elder Kiln quest is required to enter The Fight Kiln. In addition, a regular fire cape must be sacrificed when entering the minigame for the first time.
The Fight Kiln minigame consists of 37 waves of harsh enemies. Combat stats over level 90 are recommended, effectively making the cape available to high-level players only.

TokHaar-Kal can be stored on the cape rack in a Costume room of a Player-owned house.

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