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Varrock Museum Kudos

Varrock Museum Kudos

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  • You can get kudos and rewards from here.

    NOTE: The price is only for 125 kudos witch is needed for doing Temple at Senntisten, The. We only do get all kudos you can get from museum. If it's not enough for Temple at Senntisten, The, or we can't get any more, you should do more quests for more kudos. Or you can make more quests orders, we will do them for you.


The Varrock Museum is located just east of the Varrock Castle and north of the bank. It contains a wealth of knowledge about the history of RuneScape, but they could use your help to finish out the museum. They need you to help develop quizzes, discover artifacts, and share your knowledge from quests you have done. As a reward you will receive experience in various skills as well as Museum Kudos. The amount of Kudos you have earned is displayed in the top-right hand corner of your screen.

You can get more kudos from the following quests:

What Lies Below
Hazeel Cult
Merlin's Crystal
The Grand Tree
Meeting History
Observatory Quest
A Tail of Two Cats
Rune Mysteries
In Aid of the Myreque
Shield of Arrav and Defender of Varrock
Demon Slayer
Temple of Ikov
Ghostly Robes mini-quest
Rune Mysteries
Making History
Glorious Memories


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