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Virtus wand

Virtus wand

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Quick Overview
  • It lasts for 10 hours of combat before needing to be repaired 2,000,000gp.

Member? Yes
Unlocked by Quest? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Examine A powerful wand that once belonged to a minion of Zaros.
Weight 0.40kg
Category Weapon
Sub-category Magic
High Alchemy 75000 gp
Low Alchemy 50000 gp
Location Monster drop; Player Made.
Uses 80 Magic to wield for combat.
Notes This is the second best one-handed Magic weapon in the game outside of Dungeoneering after the Seismic wand and is the main-hand counterpart of a Virtus book. It lasts for 10 hours of combat before needing to be repaired either by paying Bob in Lumbridge 2,000,000gp or using a Player-owned House Armour Stand for less depending on your Smithing level down to a minimum of 1,000,000gp at level 99. Made by combining 120 Virtus wand shards.
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