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Latest News
  • The imbued heart is a magic-boosting item which can be useful in Old School RS. Here is our OSRS imbued heart guide to help you learn how to obtain and use this item. How to obtain imbued heart OSRS? As a magic-boosting item, the imbued heart can be obtained from superior slayer monster OSRS as a drop. To encounter superior slayer monsters, you need to purchase the unlock Bigger and Badder from...
  • Devious Minds is an Old School quest involving a plot against the clergy of Entrana. Here is a guide for Devious Minds OSRS quest to help you complete it fast. Requirements for Devious Minds OSRS Devious Minds is an Experienced quest with the following requirements: 65 Smithing (boostable) 50 Runecraft 50 Fletching Completion of the quests: Wanted! Troll Stronghold, Doric's Quest, Enter the Abyss Required items: A mithril 2h sword, a bow...
  • It has been revealed that RS Dwarven Instinct aura and Desert Pantheon aura can be obtained this month. You could know more details of these auras if you have interests. Desert Pantheon & Dwarven Instinct available According to the latest official news post, RS Desert Pantheon aura and Dwarven Instinct aura will be made available for all players to get on February 24, 2020. Detailed information on how to obtain Desert Pantheon...
  • It has been revealed the Gatherer Path OSRS for new players will be released in the coming weeks. Here you could learn some information on this Gatherer Path in Adventure Path system. Why is Gatherer Path OSRS planned? OSRS Combat Path was released on August 8th 2019 to help newer players settle into the game, which gives players a series of early starting milestones with a few sensible rewards. As both data...
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