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  • OSR-Fighter torso

    OSR-Fighter torso
  • Dragon Slayer II(OSR)

    Dragon Slayer II(OSR)
  • OSR Fire cape for 70 ranged & 40 defense

    OSR Fire cape for 70 ranged & 40 defense
  • OSR-Account with 75 att, 75 str, 75 def

    OSR-Account with 75 att, 75 str, 75 def
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Latest News
  • This week sees the release of changes and improvements to OSRS Grotesque Guardians and others. Read the details below to learn some information. Changes to OSRS Grotesque Guardians Some changes and improvements have been made to OSRS Grotesque Guardians with the update on July 9th. Here are the details: 1. When Dawn flies away during the Grotesque Guardians fight, the lightning transition phase has been removed. Dusk will become attackable as soon...
  • If you have a Monkey backpack OSRS, now you are able to transform it into six new variants. These transformations can be unlocked by completing laps at OSRS Ape Atoll Agility Course. Transform your Monkey backpack OSRS With the update on July 9th, now you are able to transform your Monkey backpack into six new variants. To transform your Monkey backpack, you need to complete the appropriate amount of laps at OSRS...
  • Callisto is an enormous monster found south of the Demonic Ruins. Here is our Callisto guide OSRS to help you learn how to get there, fight the monster and get the loot. Where to fight against Callisto OSRS? Callisto can be found south of the Demonic Ruins. You could get there through the following ways: -Annakarl Teleport can be used to teleport into the Demonic Ruins with 90 Magic. Go south after...
  • Demonic gorillas are powerful creatures found in the Crash Site Cavern. Here is our demonic gorilla guide with general information, strategies and more. Basics of demonic gorilla OSRS monster Demonic gorillas can be found in the Crash Site Cavern. You need to fight against two of them during OSRS Monkey Madness II; after completing the quest, you can find more demonic gorillas in the caverns alongside the tortured brethren. Demonic gorillas are...
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Nice place to buy gold. I just got my credits in several minutes.
Josiah--Jul 11, 2020
The customer service was great. Always find some cheap products here and enjoy their promos.
Caius--Jul 10, 2020
You can come here if you need some safe gold.
Rocco--Jul 9, 2020
The support was polite, and the delivery is really fast as well.
Sailey--Jul 8, 2020
Received my cape smoothly. 9/10
Norton Kinsey--Jul 8, 2020
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