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    im from Edmonton Alberta Canada ...tried a few other sites ..they either took to long  or we're complete scammers or dumb @$$'$ either way this site  got the order done fast ...and after i fcked up my first order cuz i placed it on rs3 and not osrs   but they  said no problem and fixed it up and came to osrs and dropped off within 7 minutes even tho they quoted 10  … definitely  10* rating  10/10 would recommend 
    Oct-19-2021, 22:34:02 PST
  • Ricardo Mercado
    They are legit.
    Oct-17-2021, 19:30:22 PST
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    I know some of you are reading these reviews and wondering damn is this legit or not, it definitely is. it took a bit longer than i thought it would but it was 100% legit. the chat closed due to how long it was taking and that scared me, but the service team assured me each time it is still coming. once i got my account they even waited for me to be fully logged in and account set up the way i want. the best site hands down. thanks again everyone.
    Sep-29-2021, 22:52:09 PST
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    At first I was skeptical, but I bought my first account because my previous account got banned and I didn't want to start all over. I thought they'd rob my money but soon enough, I was given an account that I kept. I bought another account soon after for better stats and here I am writing a review on it lol. 
    Sep-22-2021, 16:38:08 PST
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    Received 500m +30m RS3 gold securely and professionally
    Sep-16-2021, 14:33:55 PST
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    I’ve always bought osrs/rs3 gold from RSOrder, will never go through another site. RSOrder is completely safe, reliable, and their customer service is undefeated. Not only is it all of that, the process of delivering your gold is super fast! The longest time I’ve had to wait for my gold is about 5 minutes & some change. 


    Aug-25-2021, 13:35:19 PST
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    Wonderful Service!
    Aug-22-2021, 17:12:52 PST
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    Super quick, and secure
    Aug-21-2021, 12:50:42 PST
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    Easy no problems very secure and safe highly recommend 
    Aug-12-2021, 11:48:57 PST
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    Reliable service, would definitely come back. 
    Aug-08-2021, 17:25:01 PST
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