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  • OSRS My Arm's Big Adventure Quest Guide

    Apr-18-2021 PST

    My Arm’s Big Adventure is a part of the Troll quest series. Goutweed is famous among the trolls, but due to over picking, it had stopped growing, leaving no hope for it to grow again. But recently, a cook named Burnt Meat had heard a rumour about goutweed growing again. So, you must help his assistant named My Arm by teaching him the proper way to farm their favourite food. Skill Requirements   ―  10 Woodcutting   ―  29 Farming Quest Requirements   ―  Eadgar’s Ruse   ―  Druidic Rit ...
  • How to customize your own OSRS account on RSorder

    Apr-14-2021 PST

    Did you know that you can customize your Runescape account on RSorder? It’s that simple to do, just select the skills you want to train, and then choose the level you want. This will save you a lot of time and means you can continue to enjoy and play games with the type of account you want! A customized OSRS account is different from purchasing other accounts. You will be the first and only owner of this account, so you don't need to worry about losing it! How to customize an OSRS account on RSorder? Step 1: Create a new account. Select the desired character. Step 2: Selec ...
  • OSRS Spirits of the Elid Quest Guide

    Apr-09-2021 PST

    The villagers of Nardah are in a big problem. The well in their town has dried up and the water they try to bring back from the town mysteriously disappears. It seems that their village has been cursed and they are in need to help to uncover the mystery that has befallen them. Skill Requirements  ● 33 Magic (Boost-able)  ● 37 Ranged (Boost-able)  ● 37 Mining (Boost-able)  ● 37 Thieving (Boost-able) Required Items  ● Runes to cast telekinetic grab  ● 1-2 Thread  ● Stab Weapon  ● Light Source &nbs ...
  • OSRS TzHaar City Overview

    Apr-08-2021 PST

    TzHaar City is also known as Mor Ul Rek, which can be found underneath Karamja Island’s Volcano. The city is populated with TzHaar’s, who are of the golem race and look like volcanic creatures. The currency here is Tokkul, and the area has many combat-based minigames, as well as requires the item ‘Fire Cape’ to access most parts of the city. The translated words of Mor, Ul, Rek is Old or Retired, Circle or Ring and Young or Youth. This city was founded by TzHaar’s and it consists of four castes; The Ket, Mej, Hur and Xil. The Ket’s (Level 149 & 221) are in charge of patr ...
  • ​Tips to Avoid Gold Scamming When Buying RS Gold on RSorder

    Apr-08-2021 PST

    RSorder is a great place for RS players to buy RS 3 & 07 gold since we always offer the cheapest RS gold with the fastest delivery and best customer service. Recently, some customers complained that they got cheated when buying RS gold from RSorder. Here we'd like to point out RSorder will never cheat or scam our customers. Here are our tips on how to avoid being cheated when buying RS gold on RSorder. Main gold scamming tricks you might encounter 1. Someone claimed to be the staff of RSorder and want you to return the RS gold you already got due to invalid orders or system upgrad ...
  • Welcome to New RSorder!

    Apr-08-2021 PST

    New RSorder has been launched. To serve you better, we have optimized the structure of the website as follows: The data of our old customers’ accounts information and order records will be put in our new site’s database; you can log in directly with your registered user name and password. Meanwhile, we welcome new customers to register. Because that we will introduce the corresponding integral system to feedback all the customers’ long-term supporting and trusting of us in the future. You can use the integral to redeem the corresponding prizes (both virtual and physical). The more inte ...
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