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31 Top OSRS Streamers Join Kick: A Game-Changing Move for OSRS Community

Mar-25-2024 PST

In a groundbreaking development for the Old School RS community, streaming platform Kick has recently inked a deal with 31 prominent OSRS streamers. This non-exclusive agreement, facilitated by the Crusader Talent agency, marks a significant investment in the OSRS content creator community and is poised to reshape the landscape of RuneScape streaming.

Kick's deal with these 31 streamers is not only a testament to the platform's commitment to supporting content creators but also reflects the growing influence of the OSRS community within the gaming sphere. Negotiated by Crusader Talent, which represents numerous top OSRS creators, this deal underscores the increasing value and recognition of content creators in the gaming industry.

The agreement allows the streamers to maintain their presence on other platforms while also streaming on Kick, providing them with additional avenues for engagement and monetization. Such a strategic move aligns with Kick's approach of reaching non-exclusive deals with top streamers, a tactic that has proven successful in attracting diverse talent to the platform.

While the financial specifics of the deal remain undisclosed, Crusader Talent has described it as "the largest known capital investment into the OSRS content creator community by any brand or platform to date." This significant investment comes hot on the heels of Jagex, the developer of OSRS, being acquired by CVC Capital Partners and Haveli Investments for a staggering £900 million, signaling a period of unprecedented growth and opportunity for the OSRS ecosystem.

Mason Breeding, Chief Executive of Crusader Talent, emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating, "This one is among the most special to us as our partnership with Kick represents a pivotal moment for the OSRS community." Breeding highlighted Kick's support for both established and emerging talents, providing them with a platform for growth and favorable monetization opportunities.

Abz, partner manager at Kick, echoed Breeding's sentiments, expressing the platform's commitment to making a positive impact on the OSRS community. With a shared passion for RuneScape among Kick's CEO and staff, the platform is dedicated to supporting content creators of all sizes and contributing to the flourishing OSRS community.

The roster of creators involved in the deal boasts some of the most recognizable names in the OSRS streaming scene, including SkillSpecs, TastyLife, Coxie, and EVScape, among others. These streamers bring a wealth of talent, creativity, and passion to the platform, enriching the streaming experience for OSRS enthusiasts worldwide.

TastyLife, one of the creators involved in the deal, expressed excitement about the move to Kick, describing it as a historic event for RuneScape. He emphasized the opportunity for creators to pursue their passion on a platform that prioritizes their well-being and fosters community engagement.

Another streamer, 9Rain, underscored the importance of creating quality content while praising Kick as an ideal platform for OSRS streaming. He emphasized the platform's commitment to supporting creators and providing a space for the OSRS community to connect and thrive.

Despite the non-exclusive nature of the agreement, Kick continues to solidify its position as a major player in the streaming space, attracting top talent and expanding its user base. However, the platform faces the challenge of converting users into revenue-driving customers, a hurdle that many streaming platforms, including Twitch, are grappling with.

In conclusion, the partnership between Kick and 31 top OSRS streamers represents a significant milestone for the RuneScape community. As content creators continue to play a pivotal role in shaping gaming culture, platforms like Kick offer them the support and resources needed to thrive. With a shared commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and community engagement, Kick and its roster of OSRS streamers are poised to usher in a new era of streaming excellence in the world of gaming.

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