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7 Ways to Get MORE Slayer XP/HR (RuneScape)

Oct-10-2022 PST

Training in Old School RuneScape is both easy and difficult, depending on your methods. When you are upgrading Slayer, you can easily get distracted and waste your time on inefficient methods to get experience points. To save yourself from grinding, simply follow these seven ways to get more experience points in one hour and quickly upgrade Slayer.

1. Create a list of Skips and Blocks

For starters, create a list of tasks that you will avoid, even if they are highly rewarding. The benefits of creating this skips and blocks list are very great. Check the rewards of each Slayer task to add it to the list. If you have created the list, it is time to select a Slayer to deal with these tasks. Avoid Konar at all costs and choose between Duradel and Nieve for maximum benefit. Work on Attack Skill and Strength Skill to deal with Slayer quests. Below are the block lists for both Slayers.

Nieve's Tasks

  • Fire Giants

  • Black Demons

  • Bloodvelds

Duradel's Tasks

  • Hellhounds

  • Greater Demons

  • Kraken

  • Black Demons

2. Use Slayer Bracelets

It is time to complete all the above-mentioned Slayer tasks for experience points. Before doing these tasks or any other Slayer tasks, always use a Slayer Bracelet. There are two Slayer bracelets in OSRS, including the Bracelet of Slaughter and the Expeditious Bracelet. The bracelet of slaughter can increase the duration of a Slayer task, while the Expeditious bracelet decreases the duration of a task. Use the Slaughter bracelet for tasks including Dust Devils, Ankous, Kalphites, Smoke Devils, etc. Use the Expeditious bracelet for tasks including Trolls, Suqahs, Black Drags, Dark Beasts, etc.

3. Tasks that you should extend and unlock

Continuing the discussion ahead, it is time to decide which tasks you should extend and which tasks you should unblock. Focus on quests that provide you with a good amount of experience points. For now, only three worthy quests are available that you should extend. These include Ankous, Dust Devils, and Nechryaels. When you extend these tasks, more than one hundred new monsters will be added to each task. Unlock Stop the Wyvern task that is worth around five hundred points.

4. Focus on getting the Superior Slayer

No matter which method you choose for experience points, get the Superior Slayer as soon as possible. The biggest benefit of this unlock is that you can fight against a more powerful version of the desired monster to get better rewards, and this will cost you one hundred and fifty points only. This rewards you with various items such as imbued heart along with experience points. In case you are a high-level player and have already unlocked the Superior Slayer, you can deal with all the available boss Slayer tasks single-handedly. If you complete all of these boss tasks, you will get around five thousand Slayer experience points.

5. Work on your account

Work on your account before slaying to get the most out of the grinding. There is a combat level requirement for both Slayers mentioned above. A minimum of 100 combat, 70 Inc burst magic, cannonballs, and a Dwarf multi-cannon are the minimum requirements, while there is no limit to the max. Want to have short fun?

Opt for Nieve instead of Duradel, as Duradel features very long tasks, and they aren't that beneficial in terms of experience points. To teleport next to Duradel, use level four Karamja Gloves that you can get from the Elite Karamja Diary.

6. Use Prayers

To quickly boost up experience points, use stats boosting prayers. The best prayer is piety, which increases the damage as well as the accuracy of your hits by twenty percent. To keep players active during a fight, go for prayer flicking, especially during the slaying. Flick both attacks as well as protection prayers to get the most out of them.

To flick various prayers at the same time, set up quick prayers. You may need some time to learn the art of flicking prayers, but it's worth the effort. At the peak of flicking, you will be able to use various prayers at the same time without using any prayer points at all.

7. Learn Slayer's Mechanics

Learning about the mechanics and workings of Slayer will help you a lot in your journey. During a cannon-able task, move the monster next to the cannon to hit him twice. This boosts the damage per second of your cannons for specific monsters. If you don't know about these spots, use OSBuddy or Runelite to learn about these spots.

To barrage and burst monsters, stack them. To do this, go to the corner tile while monsters are following you, and they will stack. Deal with high-level monsters with the help of boosting. Use a wild pie to boost five levels at the same time. Learn about the distribution of Slayer experience points. When a team kills a monster, the player with the greatest damage will get half experience points. After this, most experience points will be rewarded to the player who lands the last hit.

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