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A Complete Guide to Solak RS3 for Beginner

Sep-29-2022 PST

Solak in RuneScape 3, also known as the Grove Guardian, is one of the Guardians of Guthix and can be defeated in The Lost Grove. Solak RS3 is among the most powerful monsters of the game and his drop includes flight-bound crossbows of tier 92, Erethdor's grimoire, Solly, his boss pet.

Fight with Solak Wile Playing RS3

The Guardian of the Grove Solak is here, and he's preparing to kill anyone who crosses his path. So, prepare to face the highly anticipated boss of RuneScape 3. If you're lucky enough, you'll be able to get Blightbound Crossbow, the most powerful Crossbow available beyond Daemonheim.

How to start and Requirements

  • Go towards the Lost Grove and talk to Merethiel in the middle circle.

  • Once the event has started, contact Solak to begin.

  • RuneScape membership, high combat levels, and the most powerful gear are recommended to beat solak RS3.

Solak release from Mod Ramen utilizes the knowledge he gained from Nex: Angel of Death. Every player will have an objective that they must focus on during the boss battle, and as the battle moves on, a story is being told. So, keep on your guard while you progress through the stages.

Please keep your eyes peeled for Merethiel since she'll appear in the fight as well! Be sure to turn on your audio to hear some fantastic voice acting by Doug Cockle (of The Witcher fame) and Viva Seifert, who owns voiced acted in ‘Her Story,' which will add to the excitement of the boss battle.

Modes of Playing Solak RS3

Solak comes with two distinct modes: Duo and Group mode.

  • Group mode: The group mode limited to seven players. So, if you're daring and would like to do less than seven, this will be a remarkably long-lasting experience, giving immense satisfaction to teams that have completed one kill.

  • Duo Mode: As the name implies, Duo Mode is intended for teams of two. Expect to experience the same rules as Group mode, but scaled down a bit - this is as hard as group mode.

Solak Auto-attacks Power

Solak comes with 3,000,000 health along with 1,000,000 additional health for every participant fighting him and capping at 8,000,000. Solak RS3 uses melee and ranged attacks, with the melee attack being primarily used against the main attack.

The melee attack is 100percent accurate, can deal up to 4,000 damages and can cover a distance of 20 tiles. The melee attack "shatters" into ranged attacks that can strike players up to 12 spaces away from the main goal, inflicting up to 4,000 damages.

Solak Blight damage attack Power

Solak can cause a particular kind of damage, referred to as Blight damage. A purple-colored hitplat identifies it. A lot of specific attacks by him cause the damage of blight. Blight damage is treated the same way as normal attacks.

They can be used as normal hits (in the case that Resonance will heal completely), a soft type less attack (Resonance stops any attack), or a hard type less attack, that is, wherein no defense other than Barricade will stop the damage. Most Solak's Blight attacks fall into the soft or normal type less category.

Extra action button for Players

The war with Solak involves the additional action button. It is utilized in the second, third, and fourth phases of the fight. For example, in the 2nd phase, it activates the Nature's Blessing Dome, and in the third and fourth phases, it's utilized to enter Solak's mind. In addition, if enough time has passed since entering Solak's mind during the fourth phase, the button may be used to leave it.

Rewards from a Boss- Tier 92 Crossbows

We all appreciate great rewards from our bosses, and Solak is here to help by offering a direct dual wield range improvement! So, get rid of those Ascension Crossbows and say hi to Blightbound Crossbows!

Tier 92 can be obtained as a full drop from Solak If you're lucky enough. The crossbows can be dyed, and you can see the appearance of these here. If you did not receive the rare drop, don't fret, you can purchase one using your RS3 gold, you can purchase anything you'd like at the Grand Exchange, and you can also fix your weapons using Runescape 3 gold within the game.

Rewards from a Boss- Boss Pet (Solly)

Solly can be the bossy pet that can be obtained from Solak, which has an average dropped rate of 1/1200. The threshold for boss pets is 500. As stated above. Solly can be tied to Insane Final Boss, so make sure you get Solly if you're looking to regain that achievement. You can also purchase him for fashion, and either one works.


Solak is a massive Guardian Guthix assigned to protect Guthix's Lost Grove from those who would like to take its power. In the 2nd Age, Seren sent an elite group of elf warriors to aid in his mission, but the betrayal of one of the elves being devoured in the hands of Solak and the island vanishing in the mists of time. Four centuries are gone since the crucial battle, and Solak becomes a guardian and a twisted elf spirit. Your task is to break the mental parasite that is infectious.