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Best Ways to Make Money in Runescape from Fishing 2022

Oct-28-2022 PST

RuneScape provides players with a large number of methods to make money and get experience points to level up their character. Some of these methods are profitable while others require a little effort and you can go with the desired method according to your needs.

Fishing is ranked as the highest rewarding method among all and there are many ways to have fun with this method as well. No matter which fish you catch, you can sell them to a vendor in the market at a good price to make RS GP. Catching high-level fish will increase your chances of earning a big profit.

You need considerable time to level up your fishing skill all the way to level 99. This fishing money making rs3 guide features the best fishing ways to make money. Work on getting the trawler minigame fisherman gear for the added fishing experience.

Barbary fishing

With barbary fishing, you will be able to upgrade multiple skills at the same time along with earning money. There are two barbary fishing methods in the game with one being easy and the other one featuring better rewards. Through the AFK method, you will get around fifty thousand experience points.

Go to the chamber of xeric or to the cave of otto to start catching fish. These methods are highly adjustable meaning that you can catch fish whenever you want without worrying about anything at all. You need a heavy and unique rod for barbary fishing which can be found under the bed of otto.


With the right fishing level in RuneScape, you will be able to catch more than four hundred monkfish in an hour and earn a profit of thousands of gold coins along with thirty-five thousand experience points. The Burbot fish is easier to catch compared to minnows and offers better experience points.

To catch monkfish in RuneScape, go to the piscatoris fish colony and complete the swan song quest. This quest is relatively hard so take this quest fully prepared to complete it in one go. You need a small net to catch monkfish that you can buy from the fish shop in all the harbor towns.


If you want to get your hands on sharks, minnows are the best option and you don’t need any high-level equipment for fishing other than harpoon. You can start fishing and set it on automatic settings to accomplish other tasks while catching hundreds of sharks per hour.

With fishing level 99, you will get thirty thousand experience points using the blessing of Rada to increase your handholding capacity. For fishing minnows, you need to upgrade the angling skill to level 82 and acquire complete fishing equipment.

The best location for catching minnows is in the fishermen guild because there is a separate minnow’s platform. Catching minnows isn’t that expensive as you only need a small landing net.

Holy eel

Catch sacred eels to obtain zulra’s scales else you have to kill zulra himself which is not easy by any means. Although you will get fewer scales compared to killing zulra they are worth the effort as the eel is a costly fish. The total profit of catching holy eels for an hour is approximately one hundred and eighty thousand coins along with some fishing and cooking experience.

Work on your cooking skill level before setting on the fishing adventure to increase the number of scales you get from each fish. Go to the zul-andra nearby the zulra boos and complete the regicide quest to get access to the fishing area. You need a simple rod and bait to catch eels and cook them in your kitchen.

Aerial fishing

The biggest benefit of aerial fishing is that you will be training two different skills at the same time while earning experience points and money. In RuneScape, the newt lake is the only place on the world map where aerial or fly fishing is allowed and you need a minimum of hunter level thirty-five and fisherman level forty-three to access the area.

If you are lucky in the game, you will get some silence beads that you can use to redeem other rewards including a bead fishing rod and a fishing bag to keep all the extra fish in your inventory safe. During the starting phase of the aerial fishing adventure, you will earn twenty thousand experience points in an hour but this will increase as your fishing level goes up.

At the maximum level, you will earn sixty thousand fishing experience points and eighty thousand hunting experience points per hour. Some other fishing methods are more profitable compared to aerial fishing but you can spend some time here if you have already tried all the other methods.

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