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Building Your Old School RuneScape Account for Success Guide

Jan-20-2024 PST

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers players a unique gaming experience where they are free to chart their own path, set their own goals, and progress at their own pace. This flexibility is one of the game's defining features, allowing players to immerse themselves in a vast, open world where the journey is as significant as the destination. In this guide, we'll explore various strategies to help you build your OSRS account for success, offering tips and recommendations to enhance your gaming experience.

Take it Slow and Stay Consistent

Before diving into specific strategies, it's crucial to emphasize the importance of taking it slow. OSRS is a marathon, not a sprint, and rushing through content can lead to burnout. Consistency is key, whether you play for an hour each day or dedicate longer sessions every few weeks. Finding a balance that suits your schedule will help you enjoy the game for the long run.

Building the Foundation: Graceful Armor and Agility Pyramid

The first step in building a successful account is acquiring Graceful armor. This lightweight armor set significantly reduces your weight, allowing for faster energy restoration while running. To obtain Graceful armor, focus on training Agility early on, aiming for a level of around 55-60. This effort also unlocks access to the Agility Pyramid, a great early-game money-making method.

Questing for Success: Barrows Gloves and 175 Quest Points

Set a major goal for your account by aiming for Barrows gloves, a powerful pair of gloves that require 175 Quest Points to obtain. While it might seem like a daunting task, completing various low-level quests is an excellent way to round out your account, gain experience, and unlock essential areas of the game.

Recommended Quests for a Strong Start:

1. Animal Magnetism - Unlock Ava's backpacks, useful for saving ammunition and enhancing range training.

2. Fairy Tales Part I - Gain access to fairy rings, providing convenient transportation throughout the game.

3. Fremennik Isles - Obtain the Helm of Neitiznot, a long-term best-in-slot helmet.

4. Bone Voyage - Unlock Fossil Island, offering various content and opportunities for early-game money-making.

5. Family Crest - Acquire cooking and goldsmithing gauntlets, enhancing your cooking and smithing abilities.

6. King's Ransom - Unlock the powerful Piety prayer, essential for melee combat.

7. Tears of Guthix - Participate in a weekly activity that grants experience in your lowest skill.

8. Throne of Miscellania - Gain access to the Kingdom of Miscellania for money-making opportunities.

Achievement Diaries: Unlocking Perks and Experience

Initiate the Achievement Diaries early on, starting with the easy and progressing to the elite tasks. These diaries provide various perks, teleports, and experience lamps, helping you round out your account and explore new content. Completing the diaries also introduces you to different aspects of the game, such as Chompy bird hunting or various mini-games.

Construction: Building a Strong Player-Owned House

Investing in Construction is a wise move for any OSRS player. Constructing a player-owned house (POH) provides numerous benefits, including:

1. Jewelry Box: Access to all teleportation jewelry with unlimited charges.

2. Occult Altar: Switch between spellbooks in your house.

3. Ornate Rejuvenation Pool: Fully restores energy, prayer, and cures poison.

4. Portal Nexus: Unlimited teleports to various locations with enough rune deposits.

5. Spirit Tree and Fairy Ring: Convenient access to transportation options.

Construction also allows you to store items, pets, and even skill capes in your POH, saving valuable bank space.

Clue Scrolls: Building Wealth and Skills

Regularly attempt clue scrolls, even if you are an Ironman account. Clue scrolls not only provide an opportunity to earn valuable rewards but also serve as motivation to unlock new items, complete quests, and level up skills. Completing clue scrolls can significantly contribute to both your wealth and overall account progression.

Money Makers: Balancing AFK and Active Methods

Having a reliable money-making strategy is crucial for upgrading your gear, purchasing supplies, and funding other ventures. Consider incorporating both AFK and active money-making methods into your routine. Slayer, especially with tasks from Konar, is an excellent passive method, thanks to Brimstone keys. Additionally, mini-games like Pest Control for Void armor and Barbarian Assault for the Fighter Torso can provide valuable equipment.

Diversify Your Gameplay: Mini-Games and Uncomfortable Content

Explore various mini-games early on, such as Pest Control, Barbarian Assault, and the Fight Caves. These activities not only offer unique rewards but also introduce you to different gameplay styles. Additionally, challenge yourself by trying content you might find uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Whether it's high-end PvM, certain quests, or specific skills, stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to unexpected enjoyment and growth.

Farming: A Long-Term Investment

Start farming as early as possible, incorporating herb runs, tree runs, or even the Tithe Farm mini-game into your routine. Farming is a skill that passively improves over time, making early investments in this skill beneficial for long-term progression. As you advance, you'll find that farming becomes a reliable source of income and essential for potion-making.

Favorite Skill and 99 Achievements

Identify a skill you genuinely enjoy and set a goal to achieve 99 in that skill. Balancing this with other skills will keep your account well-rounded, and achieving 99 in a skill brings a tremendous sense of accomplishment. This accomplishment may inspire you to pursue further 99s in other skills down the line.

Conclusion: Have Fun and Avoid Burnout

Ultimately, the key to building a successful OSRS account is to have fun and avoid burnout. Enjoy the diverse content the game offers, experiment with different playstyles, and relish the sense of achievement as you progress. OSRS is a game with limitless possibilities, and the journey is yours to shape. So, take it slow, stay consistent, and enjoy every moment in the world of Gielinor.

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