​Conquering the Twin Furies - A RuneScape Boss Battle Guide

Sep-11-2023 PST

In the vast world of RuneScape, where gods and mortals collide, there are legendary battles to be fought. One such battle is against the fearsome Twin Furies, Avarice and Nemoura. In this comprehensive tutorial, RSorder will guide you through the three stages of taking on the Twin Furies: research, preparation, and the fight itself.

Stage 1: Research

Before venturing into battle, it is essential to gather knowledge about the Twin Furies. Protox and Silenced, well-known experts in RuneScape lore and strategies, have created informative guides that shed light on the origins and tactics of the Twin Furies. These guides provide valuable insights into the avatars' relentless attacks and cunning tactics. By studying these resources, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Twin Furies' strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to better prepare for the upcoming encounter.

Stage 2: Preparation

Preparation is key to success when facing the Twin Furies. Here are the recommended preparations:


Tier 70 Necromancy power armor: This armor provides solid defense against the Twin Furies' attacks.

Tier 80 Death Guard: Another excellent armor choice that offers increased protection.

Skull Lantern: Equipping this lantern will help illuminate the battlefield.


Food: Bring a sufficient supply of Sailfish, a high-healing food, to sustain you during the battle.

Potions: Prepare Extreme Necromancy potions for increased damage output. Super Prayer Renewal and Super War Masters potions will enhance your defense.

Weapon Poison++: Apply this poison to your weapon to exploit the Twin Furies' vulnerability.

Inventory Management:

Turt familiar: Bring a familiar with a large inventory to store extra food and supplies.

Prayer potions: Include these potions in your inventory to restore prayer points during the fight.

Stage 3: The Fight

Now that you are equipped with knowledge and preparations, it's time to face the Twin Furies. Follow these steps to navigate the battle successfully:

Kill Count:

Achieve a 40-kill count to prove your skill and reputation, as required by Zamarok.

Entering the Battle:

Approach the Twin Furies by traversing the barrier. Use the threshold to minimize reputation loss.

Focusing on Avarice and Nemoura:

Engage Nemoura first, as recommended by the guides.

Dodge the Twin Furies' attacks and aim to exploit their vulnerabilities.

Combat Strategies:

Watch for their jumping attacks and move out of harm's way promptly.

Utilize your potions strategically to maintain high damage output and defense.

Switch targets between Avarice and Nemoura, adapting to their patterns and weaknesses.

Endurance and Persistence:

Consume food when necessary to keep your health pool intact.

Stay vigilant and persevere through the chaos until victory is achieved.

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