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Deadman All Stars: The Pinnacle of Competitive Old School RS

Jun-08-2024 PST

Old School RS (OSRS) has long been a nostalgic refuge for many gamers, but it also continues to evolve with new content and events. One such event is the Deadman All Stars, a brand new content creator event that promises to bring the ultimate competitive experience to OSRS. Set over a week, this invite-only Deadman mode event culminates in an unprecedented finale format, offering excitement and intense competition.


The Concept of Deadman All Stars


Deadman All Stars is designed to be the pinnacle of competitive OSRS. The event invites six prominent captains from the OSRS community to draft teams of five players. These teams will collaborate and compete throughout the week, striving to be the best in both PVP (Player versus Player) and PVM (Player versus Monster) settings. The event is not just about individual skills but also about teamwork, strategy, and resourcefulness.


The All-Star Lineup and Draft


Introducing the six captains:


    • ODblock leading the ODblock Warriors

    • Solo Mission with the Solo Mission Snakes

    • Dino heading the Dino Nuggets

    • Torvesta managing the Torvesta Devils

    • B0aty guiding the B0aty Whales

    • Faux commanding the FK Coners


These captains will draft their teams in a snake draft format, considering various factors such as PVP skills, PVM efficiency, skilling capabilities, and overall Deadman mode experience. The draft is crucial as each team must be balanced and capable of handling the challenges ahead.


The Starting Point


Competitors spawn in Lumbridge with nothing—no gear, no stats, starting from scratch. This setup ensures a level playing field, where strategy and skill will determine the winners. There is no Grand Exchange, no economy to rely on; teams must gather or PK (player kill) their resources. This format is reminiscent of the group Ironman mode, where cooperation and self-sufficiency are paramount.


The Unique Challenges of Deadman All Stars


The event introduces several unique elements to make the competition fierce and thrilling:


    • No Grand Exchange: Players cannot trade with a broad economy, making resource management crucial.

    • No Swapping: Players cannot swap resources with others outside their team.

    • No Large Clans: The competition is between small, dedicated teams, not large clans.


One of the most exhilarating aspects is the return of breaches. These are hotspots where players can obtain powerful ancient warrior equipment and corrupted weaponry. However, reaching and controlling these breaches is risky, as they spawn in multi-combat zones, making them prime targets for ambushes and intense battles. Only one breach spawns per day, adding to the strategic depth and urgency.


The Finale: A Unique Format


The Deadman All Stars finale is where the stakes are highest. The new format pits two teams of five in a series of one-on-one battles, arranged in a double-elimination bracket. The first players from each team fight, and when one is defeated, the next team member steps up until one team is entirely eliminated.


Gear and Preparation for the Finale


Teams can use any gear they’ve acquired during the competition week, but they cannot share equipment during the finale. This rule adds a layer of strategy, as captains must allocate their resources wisely. The set inventory for each participant includes 10 pieces of food, one brew, and one Phoenix necklace. However, there’s a twist: dying during the competition week reduces the amount of food a player can bring into the finale. For every four deaths, one food item is lost, making survival throughout the week critical.


The Dead Man’s Stake


Adding another layer of excitement and risk is the Dead Man’s Stake. After the draft and before the competition begins, teams can place a secret bid of OSRS gold in the Dead Man’s Stake chest. The contents of these chests remain unknown until the finale. The winning team can loot the chests of eliminated teams, potentially earning substantial rewards. This aspect encourages teams to back their skills with in-game wealth, adding a psychological and strategic edge to the competition.


Community and Developer Support


Deadman All Stars would not be possible without the support of Jagex, the developers of OSRS. Their partnership in this event ensures it’s well-organized and engaging. Moreover, the OSRS community plays a vital role, with content creators and players alike contributing to the event’s success and hype.


The Road to Deadman Armageddon


Deadman All Stars is a precursor to the larger event, Deadman Armageddon, set for later in the summer. This upcoming event promises even more changes and improvements, including adjustments to sigils, point systems, and breaches. It aims to bring the community together for an intense and rewarding summer of Deadman mode gameplay.




Deadman All Stars is set to be one of the most exciting events in OSRS history. With a unique format, intense competition, and substantial rewards, it promises to capture the attention of the entire OSRS community. The event highlights not only individual skills but also the importance of teamwork, strategy, and perseverance. Whether you’re a participant or a spectator, Deadman All Stars is an event you won’t want to miss.


Mark your calendars for June 14th to June 22nd, and tune in to the Old School RuneScape Twitch Channel to witness the excitement unfold live. With an All-Star lineup of content creators, thrilling breaches, and a high-stakes finale, Deadman All Stars is set to redefine competitive gaming in Old School RuneScape.


Let’s get ready for an unforgettable week of strategy, skill, and intense battles. Who will emerge victorious and claim the coveted Deadman All Star trophy? Who will take home the riches from the Dead Man’s Stake? Join us to find out and support your favorite creators as they compete for glory in the ultimate test of Old School RuneScape prowess.


RSorder Team