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Deadman Mode in Old School RS: Deadman Armageddon

May-29-2024 PST

It's my favorite time of the year, but not because it's sunny outside. Summertime in Old School RS (OSRS) brings something far more exciting: Deadman Mode. This is the time when I can sit inside and immerse myself in my favorite OSRS content for a few weeks. This year, the event has undergone a significant transformation, rebranded as Deadman Armageddon. The world is ending once again, and we’ve got a first look at what’s coming.

What’s New in Deadman Armageddon?

Event Duration and Structure

One of the biggest changes this year is the event’s duration. Deadman Armageddon will run from July 19th to August 3rd, a total of just 15 days. This is considerably shorter than the three-week Apocalypse event from last year. Recent Deadman Modes have often spanned a month or more, but I’m not opposed to this shorter format. By the two-week mark in the last Deadman Mode, much of the content was already resolved, so a condensed event feels refreshing.

Main Game Rewards

Controversy Over Ornament Kits

Deadman Mode is never short on controversy, and this year is no different. The hot topic surrounds the introduction of ornament kits into the main game, which can be purchased using Deadman points. Runescape Items like the Scythe of Vitur now have a Deadman-exclusive recolor, causing a stir within the community. Traditionally, prestigious and hard-to-get cosmetics, such as the Sanguine Ornament Kit from the Hard Mode Theater of Blood, are now obtainable through Deadman points. This has led to debates about the value and exclusivity of such items.

Personally, I don’t mind these changes. Main game rewards in Deadman Mode have been a long-time request from the community. Seeing this come to fruition is exciting, despite some concerns over the impact on item prestige. The Mage Arena 2 Cape, with its potential Zamorak, Saradomin, or Guthix styles, and the new home teleport animations, look particularly appealing.

Prize Pool and Point System

Prize Distribution

The $25,000 prize pool is back, but with a twist. This time, it’s divided differently. Each of the five finale winners will receive $5,000, which is a positive shift. Allocating more of the prize pool to actual winners rather than a lottery system feels fairer and more rewarding for dedicated players.

Reworked Point System

The point system from Deadman Apocalypse has been reworked but remains largely similar. The key difference is that it’s more balanced this time. Last year, players could farm the same bosses repeatedly for points, which wasn’t very engaging. Now, points diminish significantly after 75 kills, encouraging players to diversify their activities, such as engaging in different bosses, raids, skills, and combat achievements.

However, there’s a contentious cap of 42,000 points from breaches, which seems quite low. Last year, breaches were incredibly fun and lucrative. With the cap in place, players might find their progress hindered too early. Breaches are set to span larger areas, making them more accessible, which should enhance the overall experience despite the cap.

Gameplay Adjustments

Combat Bracket Worlds

One area of criticism is the implementation of combat bracket worlds. While they aim to balance the competition, there are simply too many brackets, making the game feel less populated and competitive. Reducing the number of brackets could consolidate players, enhancing the overall experience.

Blighted Overloads

Blighted overloads are a notable addition this year. These potions boost stats beyond traditional super combat potions but come with drawbacks like reduced defense and initial damage upon consumption. This adds a strategic layer, especially in PvP scenarios.

Sigils and Their Impact

Sigils are back, offering diverse gameplay enhancements. Some have been rebalanced, while new ones have been introduced, adding fresh dynamics to the game. For instance, the Sigil of Accuracy, which increases accuracy based on missing hit points, introduces a new risk-reward strategy in combat.

Finale Changes

The finale format has undergone significant changes. Instead of a single, climactic event, there will be five staggered finales based on combat brackets. This ensures that players of all levels have a shot at glory, and each finale will be a unique experience. The inclusion of NPCs in the final area is a welcome return, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Miscellaneous Changes

Increased PJ Timer

One important miscellaneous change is the increased PJ (Player Jump) timer. This prevents players from being piled on by multiple attackers, making single combat scenarios more manageable and less frustrating for less experienced players.

World 45 Transfer

Items from Deadman Mode will once again transfer to World 45, though this aspect has lost some of its initial excitement. Without the value perceived from past transfers or 1v1 finales, items might not hold the same significance, leading to a more casual and fun atmosphere.


Deadman Armageddon is shaping up to be an exciting and dynamic event in Old School RuneScape. Despite some controversies and criticisms, the changes and new features bring a refreshing twist to this beloved game mode. Whether you’re competing for the prize pool, chasing new rewards, or simply enjoying the chaos, there’s something for everyone. With only two months until launch, it’s time to gear up and prepare for another thrilling summer in Gielinor.

RSorder Team