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Escaping the Mid-Game Guide in Old School RS

Jun-06-2024 PST

So, you want to escape the mid-game in Old School RS (OSRS). The mid-game can be a tricky phase where you're stuck trying to figure out what to do with your OSRS account and which direction to take. You want to reach those high-level, end-game content areas but aren’t quite sure what steps to take. In this guide, I’ll provide you with a series of goals to set for yourself to finally break free from the mid-game and get to the exciting content you’ve been aiming for.


Understanding the Mid-Game


The mid-game in OSRS is often characterized by having achieved decent skills and gear but lacking the high-level stats, quests, and equipment that make end-game content accessible and enjoyable. Typically, mid-game players have a total level between 1500 and 2000, possess a mix of mid-tier gear, and may not have completed all major quests or achievement diaries. To escape the mid-game, you’ll need to focus on several key areas: leveling your skills, completing quests, making money, and upgrading your gear.


Step 1: Achieve Level 80 in All Skills


The first major goal is to get all your skills up to level 80. This will push you to train some of the slower or less enjoyable skills, such as Agility or Runecrafting, and prepare you for many high-level quests and achievement diaries. Here’s why this is important:


1. Skill Requirements: Many quests and diaries have high skill requirements. By getting all skills to level 80, you ensure that you meet most of these prerequisites.

2. Avoid Burnout: Training a variety of skills helps prevent burnout. Instead of grinding one skill from level 1 to 99, switch between different skills to keep things fresh and engaging.


Investing your money into skills rather than expensive gear at this stage is highly recommended. Skills like Herblore, Construction, and Smithing can be costly, but the benefits to your account will be significant.


Step 2: Complete All Quests


The next step is to finish every quest in the game. Achieving the Quest Cape is not only a significant milestone but also highly beneficial for your account. Quests provide substantial experience rewards, unlock new areas, and give access to critical items and spells.


Tips for Questing:


Pace Yourself: Don’t try to complete all quests at once. Aim to do one quest a day or a few per week to avoid burnout.

Experience Rewards: Many quests provide experience in skills that are slow or expensive to train, such as Agility or Herblore.

Unlocks: Completing quests unlocks areas like Prifddinas and Zeah, and items such as the Fairy Ring teleport, which greatly enhances your mobility around the game world.


Step 3: Establish Money-Making Methods


Having a reliable way to make RuneScape money is crucial. Aim to have both an active and an AFK money-making method.


1. Active Methods: These involve actively playing the game to earn money. Bossing is a great option here. Choose a boss with a pet you like and grind it until you get the pet. This not only gives you a goal but also ensures you make significant money in the process.



Giant Mole: Consistent money with the added chance of a pet drop.

• Barrows: Good for learning about gear switching and prayer management while making decent money.


2. AFK Methods: These methods allow you to make money with minimal effort while doing other activities, such as watching a movie or playing on another account.



• Blood Rune Crafting: Highly AFK with good profit margins.

• Fishing: Sharks or Anglerfish can be fished for steady income while AFKing.


Step 4: Obtain the Fire Cape


The Fire Cape is an essential item for any player progressing through the game. It’s the best melee cape until you can obtain the Infernal Cape and is crucial for Slayer and bossing.


Tips for the Fight Caves:


Preparation: Make sure you have high enough stats (70+ Ranged, Defense, and Hitpoints are recommended).

Practice: Don’t get discouraged if you fail multiple times. Each attempt improves your skills and understanding of the mechanics.

Guides: Use guides and walkthroughs to learn the best strategies for each wave and the final boss, Jad.


Step 5: Invest in Construction


Building an excellent player-owned house (POH) is one of the best investments you can make. A well-developed house provides numerous benefits:


Teleports: Access to nearly every teleport in the game.

Healing: Restore hitpoints, prayer, run energy, and cure venom/poison.

Convenience: Store pets, change spellbooks, and access various utilities like the fairy ring and spirit tree.


Investing around 50 million GP into your POH can vastly improve your gameplay experience and efficiency.


Step 6: Consistent Farming and Birdhouse Runs


If your goal is to eventually max your account, you can’t skip out on Farming and Hunter. Doing daily farm runs and birdhouse runs ensures steady progress in these skills without much active training time.


Daily Routine:


Tree Runs: Do a full tree run and herb run when you log in.

Birdhouse Runs: Set up birdhouses on Fossil Island for a passive Hunter experience.


Step 7: Engage in Minigames


Minigames can provide valuable rewards that greatly benefit your account.


Barbarian Assault: Obtain the Fighter Torso, which provides a significant strength bonus similar to the Bandos Chestplate.

Pest Control: Earn Void Knight equipment, which is highly versatile and useful for various PVM activities.


Step 8: Complete Achievement Diaries


Achievement diaries offer fantastic rewards and quality-of-life improvements.


Diary Capes: Each region’s diary provides unique perks and experience lamps.

Prioritize: Start with diaries that offer the most useful perks for your current activities.


Step 9: Learn and Master Boss Mechanics


Start with easier bosses and gradually work your way up to more challenging content. Here are some bosses to consider:


Zulrah and Vorkath: Both are great money-makers and provide valuable drops.

Corrupted Gauntlet: This boss teaches essential PVM skills such as prayer switching, gear switching, and movement.




By setting these goals and steadily working towards them, you’ll find yourself gradually escaping the mid-game and entering the exciting end-game content of OSRS. Remember, the journey is part of the adventure, so enjoy each milestone you achieve. Good luck, and may your grind be efficient and rewarding!


RSorder Team