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Everything To Know About Tombs of Amascut

Aug-29-2022 PST

What is Tombs of Amascut?

Tombs of Amascut is an upcoming raid set in the Kharidian Desert that was first announced during the Summer Summit in 2021, and is scheduled to release on 24 August 2022. This will be the third raid released in Old School RuneScape, after the Chambers of Xeric and the Theatre of Blood. To participate in the raid, players will have to complete the Beneath Cursed Sands quest. The raid takes place within the Jaltevas Pyramid at the necropolis, which, despite the name of the raid, is in actuality Osmumten's tomb.

How do Getting there?

The quickest methods of reaching the necropolis are as follows:

   • Teleporting to Jaltevas via the Pharaoh's sceptre. This method requires having used the sceptre on the obelisk north of the necropolis mine.

   • Teleporting via fairy ring code AKP. This method requires level 62 Agility.

More on Tombs of Amascut


Tombs of Amascut can be played in groups of up to 8 players.

Upper Level

This area will consist of four initial challenges designed as "paths", with each one themed after one of Tumeken's avatars. Each path consists of a challenge section followed by a boss. These can be taken on in any order the player(s) choose to do so, however, as each path is completed the raid will change in various ways, making overall path choice matter. Once all four are completed, the lower level becomes accessible.

Lower Level

This area will consist of the final boss fight, which consists of two twin bosses that are to be fought simultaneously. Only after both bosses are defeated can players claim their rewards.


Tombs of Amascut introduces Invocations, a "progressive, linear difficulty system". There will be no difficulty modes, rather, players can choose to enable various sets of Invocations that act as difficulty modifiers to the raid, thus making the raid easier or harder than the default difficulty. The rewards will scale based on the chosen Invocations. 


There are said to be 4 minor bosses, that must be faced: Ba-Ba, Zebak, Kephri, and Akkha; each one is based on one of the minor gods created by Tumeken. The final boss is said to consist of 2 entities that must be defeated together.


   • Shadow of Tumeken - A two-handed powered staff with a unique passive effect.

   • Osmumten's fang - A stab weapon with passive effects that are effective against targets with a high Defence level.

   • Elidinis' ward - A high-tier magical shield that must be restored with an arcane sigil and 10,000 soul runes.

   • Masori armour - Tier 80 ranged armour. Can be upgraded with Armadyl plates to increase defence bonuses.

   • Lightbearer - A ring that doubles the regeneration rate of special attack energy.

   • Thread of Elidinis - A magical thread that can be stitched onto a rune pouch to have it store four types of runes instead of three.

   • Keris partisan jewels - Jewels that can be used on the Keris partisan to give it differing effects that can only be used within the raid:

       • The Eye of the Corruptor creates the Keris partisan of corruption.

       • The Jewel of the Sun creates the Keris partisan of the sun.

       • The Breach of the Scarab creates the Keris partisan of breaching (can be used outside the raid).

   • Lily of the sands - used on an unfinished dwarf weed potion to create stat renewal potions.

More strategies and guidelines for Tombs of Amascut games are available in RSorder, welcome to read and learn!