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How To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying RS Gold Online?

Oct-24-2021 PST

As we all know, how to avoid buying online has become the top issue for most players. In fact, protecting your game account and personal information does not require much time or effort. This article contains basic information to avoid being scammed and scammed in rs. In addition, we will tell you how to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold at a 100% safe price on RSorder.

The main gold mining scams you may encounter on RSorder

1. Someone pretends to be an employee of RSorder in the game and asks you to return the RS gold obtained due to invalid orders or system upgrades or any other reasons. Please remember that RSorder will not request a refund of gold for any reason! RSorder is the only place to deliver the RS gold medal. Through our LiveChat or email! Don't trust anyone in the game!

Tips for buying 100% safe OSRS gold on RSorder

1. If you encounter some promotional advertisements marked as or promotions involving your account information and RS Gold medal, please visit RSorder's main website to check if the activity is available on RSorder.

2. RSorder will never ask you to provide your account password to deliver the RS Gold Medal. Therefore, don't trust anyone who asks you to provide an account name and password. They are 100% liars!

3. If you have any questions throughout the transaction, you can ask for help from our 24/7 online chat help.

Threats to watch out for when Playing RuneScape

Phishing in games usually takes one of the following three forms:

1. Tell you to search for pages or videos on social media sites

These accounts tell you that the pages you search will usually contain links to phishing websites or keyloggers. Please make sure you never click on these links. If you encounter one of these videos, please be sure to flag it on YouTube or report the spam account through our abuse report system.

2. Promote a new cheating tool, such as a Botting website

These are very similar to the first example. The accounts of these sites are usually hijacked by the same site.

3. Provide you with a host position

Jagex will never send you a PM in the game to provide a host position. This is always done by sending a message to your RS inbox.

The main tips to avoid RS scams

1. Avoid revealing any personal information, especially passwords. Treat your password like a credit card or social security number! Even for a relative or friend next to you, a single action may greatly change your account.

2. Never trade in the wilderness. This kind of scam is called "baiting". Keep in mind that the wilderness is the only place for unsafe transactions, and you are likely to be killed by other players.

3. Avoid viewing any external websites that advertise. Most advertisers can be found throughout Grand Exchange and Varrock Bank. The mentioned link may be promoting a website similar to RS or a YouTube channel. What is less known is that this is a way for people to impersonate others and obtain their usernames and passwords.

Hope that the information in this article is sufficient to ensure the security of your account and personal information. In addition, if you keep these tips in mind, you can always Buy OSRS Gold cheaply and safely on RSorder. RSorder is always worthy of your trust, we will never let you down!