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How To Complete OSRS Heroes Quest?

Jun-05-2022 PST


The quest centers around proving yourself worthy enough to enter the Heroes Guild. There are a few challenges awaiting, along with a list of items to gather. You need a companion to help you out during the quest, and a good recommendation would be to ask a friend.


You need 55 Quest Points and the following quests need to be completed; Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin’s Crystal, and Dragon Slayer 1. Besides that, you need 53 Cooking, 53 Fishing, 25 Herblore, and 50 Mining. You also need the following items; Ice Gloves, Fishing Rod & Bait, Dusty Key, Harralander Potion, and Pickaxe.

If you’re a part of the Black Arm Gang, you’ll need a Black Full Helm, Plate Body, and Plate Legs. If you’re a part of the Phoenix Gang, you’ll need long-distance attacking equipment (Ranged or Magic).

The following items help you save a lot of time during the quest; Energy or Stamina Potions, Anti-Dragon or Dragon Fire Shield, Anti-fire Potion, Games Necklace, and Amulet of Glory.

You need to have enough combat levels to defeat a level 111 Ice Queen, level 2 Entrana Fire Bird, level 47 Jailer, and level 22 Grip.


To begin the quest, you need to speak to Achietties, who is located outside the Heroes Guild. Speak to her about the guild, and she’ll ask you to bring three items if you wish to join them. The items are; Fire Feather, Cooked Lava Eel, and Master Thieves Armband.

You’ll need a partner now, who can join the opposite gang and help you out. If you’re joining the Black Arm Gang, you have to speak to Katrine, who is located west of the south Varrock city gate. She’ll give you a password and ask you to steal candlesticks from the NPC called Scarface Pete, who is located in Brimhaven.

Travel to Brimhaven, east of the bar, and south of the Agility Arena to reach the Black Arm Gang’s office. Equip your Black Armor and speak to Trobert to receive ID papers. When you try to enter Scarface Pete’s mansion, you’ll be stopped by Garv, but the ID papers will help you go through.

When you’re inside, locate Grip and ask him about your duties. He’ll hand you a Miscellaneous Key, which you have to give your partner. Now, go to the northeastern room and wait for your partner on the other side of the wall. Search the cupboard in the room and a guard will walk into the room asking you not to touch Grip’s stuff.

Ignore and Grip will walk into the room. During your conversation, your partner will kill him from the hidden room. Now, pick the key that he drops and go to the 1st floor and open the northern chest in the first room to obtain candlesticks. Give one of the two candlesticks to your parent and head back to Katrine to receive the Master Thieves Armband.

If you’re joining the Phoenix Gang, you need to speak to Straven. He’ll give you a password for Alfonse, after which you need to go to Brimhaven. Grab your Ranged or Magic attack gear and get the Miscellaneous Key from your Black Arm Gand partner. Head to the ‘Shrimp and Parrot’ restaurant in Brimhaven to speak to Alfonse and Charlie.

Give them the password to know the secret door in the kitchen, which is nearby the Guard Dogs. Walk northwest and enter the eastern door of the mansion. Use the key on the northern door to reach the closet and shoot to kill Grip. Your partner will now use the dropped key to obtain two Candlesticks, and one of them will be traded over to you.

To pick a Fire Feather, you’ll need Ice Gloves that are dropped by the Ice Queen. If you already have them, you can directly head to Port Sarim and speak to Gerrant to obtain Blamish Snail Slime. Speak to the Monk of Entrana at the docks to travel, and head to the eastern part of the island to locate an Entrana Firebird. Kill it and pick up the Fire Feather with your Ice Gloves equipped.

Now, grab the Blamish Snail Smile that you got earlier from Gerrant and use it with a Harralander Potion (UNF) to make Blamish Oil. Use the oil on a Fishing Rod to make an Oily Fishing Rod, which can be used to catch Lava Eels. There are two locations that you can consider going to; Wilderness Lava Maze or Taverley Dungeon.

With all the items gathered, go back to the Heroes Guild and give them to Achietties. That’s it! The quest is officially completed for heroes quest osrs, and you will gain a total of 29,232 XP which is divided among twelve of your skills.

According to the requirements and guidance in the article, I believe you can successfully complete the OSRS Heroes Quest. At the same time, the RSorder Madness Sale is continuing, and more preferential OSRS Gold is waiting for your purchase.