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How to Enter the Abyss Guide in OSRS

Jul-05-2022 PST


A mini-quest in which you have to help the Zamorakians access the Rune Essence Mines because they need to create their own Runes.

It was previously a Saradominist secret, but now the Mage of Zamorak seeks help in learning it.

Recommended OSRS Items

  • Varrock and Ardougne Teleportation Runes

  • Teleportation Method to Edgeville (Amulet of Glory)

  • Necklace of Passage (Wizards’ Tower Teleport)

Starting Off

If you are equipped with a Saradomin or Guthix item, the Mage of Zamorak will not speak to you.

You can start the quest by speaking to the Mage of Zamorak. You can get there by following the River Lum near Edgeville, or you can simply travel north over the Wilderness Line.

He’ll be wandering around levels 4-7 Wilderness. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you how Wilderness is a very dangerous area to have a conversation like this.

Now, talk to the Mage again, who has shifted his location to the Zamorak Chaos Temple, which is southeast of Aubury’s Rune Shop.

Ask him about where he gets his ‘Runes’ – when the question becomes available. He’ll tell you about the Abyss and how he has been having a few problems.

Getting the Readings

In the end, he’ll give you a Scrying Orb and explain that you have to travel to the Rune Essence Mine from different locations. The orb has to be in your inventory when you do so because it’ll note the readings of where you’ve traveled.

1.First, travel from Aubury, located in Varrock.

2.Then, travel from the Archmage Sedriodor in the basement of the Wizards’ Tower.

3.And, finally, travel from the Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne (northeast of the marketplace).

You can also travel from Brimstail, which is located in his cave southwest of the Grand Tree, or you can travel from Wizard Distentor at the Wizards’ Guild.

Finally, head back to the Mage of Zamorak to complete the quest.


 • Access to the Abyss

 • 1,000 Rune Crafting XP

 • Abyssal Book

 • Small Pouch

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