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How to get Fighter Torso

Feb-25-2022 PST


If you’re already familiar with OSRS, then you may have likely heard about the Fighter Torso. It offers the best Strength bonus in the game. Unfortunately, the process to unlock is not that easy. Here is everything that you need to know about unlocking the Fighter Torso.


The prerequisite to equip the body armor is 40 Defense, and you also need to have a high combat level to survive several waves of difficult mobs. You cannot obtain it without an experienced group.

Barbarian Assault

The reason is that you can only obtain the Fighter Torso by completing various tasks within the Barbarian Assault minigame. You need to have precisely 375 honor points in every role, and you need to have killed the Penance Queen yourself (at least once). This will unlock the access of purchasing the body armor from the NPC named Commander Connad, who can be found in the minigame reward shop.

You need to earn the honor point as an Attacker, Defender, Collector, and Healer, which is a difficult grind. It takes about six to seven hours on average for players to get enough points for the piece in this fighter torso guide osrs.

The grind mostly revolves around the fact that the players in OSRS don’t wish to work around the changing roles required to earn enough points. So, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is gather a team that is comfortable with the fact that you need to change roles while playing. Having a reliable team that communicates well will help you cut down on some hours in earning points.

Another reason to have a reliable team is that if you play with unknown players, they might end up leaving midway, log out, or die due to lack of experience. Thus, causing the burden to restart the match.


That’s everything you need to know about obtaining the Fighter Torso in OSRS. You can always check our other guides for information and tips related to other topics. So what are you waiting for? Remember the list above and buy the RuneScape 2007 gold or OSRS items you need from RSorder and you're not far from How to get Fighter Torso! Plan ahead and become a master as soon as possible!