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How to Use the Sandy Clue Scroll in RuneScape

Aug-05-2023 PST

The beach event is here in Old School RuneScape again. You can gather on the beach with other players to earn a lot of experience points by simply constructing castles out of the sand. During this beach event, you can collect sandy clue scrolls and complete them to earn some more rewards. In this guide, we have given all the scrolls and their clues so you can complete them in no time. Get the OSRS smithing boost to smith more osrs items.

What are Sandy Clue Scrolls?

You can get these scrolls from Reyna and save them in your backpack. Click on an available scroll to read it. Follow the clue and complete it by doing the task mentioned in it. The best thing about these sandy scrolls is that you can destroy them and get your hands on them again. To increase your chances of getting more items from the sandy casket, hold on to it until you return to the member-only world because even free players get more rewards here. To quickly solve clues, go to the free world even if you are a member.

How to complete Sandy Clue Scrolls?

Here are all the sandy clue scrolls and their solutions so you can complete them instantly. The reward for completing these scrolls depends on your membership. There are six rewards for members, while free players only have access to two rewards only. You can also get treasure trail rewards for completing these scrolls.

1. Speak to the maintainer of the grand library – Go to the library of Menaphos and speak with Kohnen there.

2. Speak to a man who has a pet monkey and deals in bananas – Find luthas at the Karamja banana plantation.

3. Speak to fisherman – Find lubufu at Brimhaven and speak with him.

4. Search the pile – Find the coconut pile in Lumbridge crater and deposit coconuts on it. This pile can be found near the coconut shy.

5. Dwarf on holiday – Interact with a table next to the Nigel in the Lumbridge crater.

6. Peach in hand – Talk to palmer in the Lumbridge crater.

7. Feather of fletching – Interact with Flo at the Lumbridge crater.

8. Watching beach balls – in Lumbridge crater, meet with lifeguard on the northern side of the beach.

9. She likes ducks – Meet Sarah in the Lumbridge crater.

10. Pick coconuts – Pick coconuts from a palm tree south of the main stage in the Lumbridge crater.

11. Buried by the stairs – Dig the top of the agility pyramid right next to the southern climbing rocks.

12. Temple of fire – Dig between the two eastern pillars at the fire Alter.

13. King Awowogei – Go to the Ape atoll with monkeyspeak amulet, greegree, cramulet, and a banana. Here, talk to Awowogei to complete the scroll.

14. Investigate the magical portal – Enter the wilderness flash events portal in the Lumbridge crater.

15. Magical portal of ancient places – Enter the archeology portal in the Lumbridge crater.

16. Portal to ancient city – Enter the senntisten portal in the Lumbridge crater.

17. Investigate the hole – Do dungeoneer by using the dungeoneering hole in the Lumbridge crater.

18. Dig the place – Dig the entrance of the sophanem slayer dungeon.

19. Dig to find pyramid – Dig the entrance of the sunken pyramid.

20. Plunder a pyramid – Dig the entrance of the klenter pyramid in the Sophanem.

21. Dig the bamboo prison – Dig inside the Ape Atoll jail cell.

22. Dig the Waydar – Stand left of the gnome glider on the crash island and dig.

23. Master of smithing – Go to thurgo anvil on the southern side of port sarim and smith there.

24. Endless Stream of visitors – Talk to foreman George on the Lumbridge crater.

25. Many hats – Talk to Sheldon about opening the store in Lumbridge crater.

26. Buried by archway – In the archway, dig near the rug right in front of the het of oasis statues.

27. Nets on shoulder – Talk to wellington in Lumbridge crater.

28. Buried in desert – Go to the demon cave and dig right in front of it.

29. Buried next to a tree – Go to the western shore in al kharid and dig there between the tree and the shore.

30. Buried on sand – In memorial to guthix, dig a square on the north of the westernmost side near the rose bush.

31. Mine in the desert – Enter the mysterious entrance in the al kharid mine.

32. I am hidden – Enter the resource dungeon in al khaird.

33. Sandy City – Open the safe upstairs by going to the house of zeke in al khaird.

34. Sandy City north of border – Go north of lodestone in al khaird to meet with musician.

35. Skirt seller – Talk to raneal in al khaird.

36. Town of fishing – go to the fishing spot in catherby and dig on a starfish.

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