Importance Of Train Agility And Recommended Quests

Jan-11-2022 PST

Why should you practice agility in an old school RuneScape?

There is only one real passive ability in an old school RuneScape and that is agility. High agility is very beneficial for your account as it gets back up and running faster. If you’ve ever played with a high-agility account and then created an ALT, you know how slow your running energy recovery can really be.

Your running energy will increase by 5-10% for every 7 levels of agility. When you reach agility level 50, you actually recover energy 2 times faster than level 1. Recovers 3 times faster!

In addition, with agility training, you can also open up many Gielinor shortcuts, and when you get a skinny look, it comes back to running faster. All of this makes agility a very important skill that needs to be trained in old school RuneScape because fast navigation is very important.

Recommended Agility Quests

Before we get started with the actual OSRS Agility Guide, here are some low-demand tasks that will give you a good addition to the flexibility before you start so you don’t have to mess with lower-level courses.

The tourist trap

This is a relatively short quest that requires only 10 flingers, 20 blacksmiths, and the ability to kill level 47. This quest doesn’t give you a direct agility experience but gives you two flashlights that can raise your agility level by a total of 26.

The grand tree

If you make a tourist trap, you can make a scholarship right after that. This mission requires only 25 agility and the ability to kill Black Demon level 172 (possible safe point). The mission reward gives you 7,900 experiences to reach level 32.

Marks of Grace OSRS

Each field rewards players with blessings that appear randomly when completing courses. These signs of grace can be replaced with curved garments or Amalyse packaging.

Graceful Outfit

The first thing you want to get with these signs of grace is a graceful outfit. The complete set will cost you a total of 260 Marks of Blessings and keep your weight as low as -25 kg. The full agile package also offers 30% faster power recovery.

This makes it the lightest outfit you can wear in a stylish OSR. The perfect agile model, perfect for idea research, exploration, farming, and many other activities related to the Gielinor environment that require a lot of running.

The most effective way to wear signs of grace is in the following order: Gloves > Hood > Boots > Cape > Top > Legs.

Amylase Packs

Amylase Packs are often used to make money with agility skills. For every 10 blessings, you will receive 100 amylase crystals. Amylase is an ingredient to make stamina potions and is therefore very valuable. You can sell them on the big market with 1,300 coins. This means that you earn 130,000 for every 10 tokens of blessing. Some surface agility courses, such as Canifis and Ardougne, give you up to 20 degrees of excellence per hour, so you earn about 260,000 OSRS Gold incomes per hour as you practice your agility.

You can exchange signs of grace for graceful garments or amylase bundles by visiting the Rogues Cave in Burthorpe, Grace.

Best Agility food: summer pie

Summer pie is the best food for agility, as you get 2 bites for each pancake, which takes 11 hit points, but you also get 5 temporary increases in agility and 10% energy for recovery. Summer pie can be purchased from a large stock exchange and can be useful in increasing agility by using them for high-level agility courses.

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