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Improving Prayer Books in OSRS

Jul-13-2023 PST

First, let's address where Jagex may have missed the mark when it comes to prayer books in OSRS. To understand their significance, we must recognize that the current prayer book plays a vital role in combat. Protection prayers, offering full protection, are essential for the majority of midgame+ content. They are the cornerstone of survivability and have a substantial impact on gameplay. In fact, prayer flicking has become the norm when facing bosses, as it is often the only viable option.

However, this style of play can clash with the preferences of casual gamers who make up a significant portion of the player base. With discussions revolving around a new prayer book, I was perplexed to see that it would merely contain the same old prayers. Upgrading existing prayers could have been done without introducing an entirely new book. Although I am glad that this idea was abandoned, I believe there is a fantastic opportunity to enhance the game through a new prayer book, and I'd like to share some ideas with the community.

1, Tank Prayer Book:

One concept that particularly resonates with me is the idea of a prayer book focused on tanking. This book would not include overhead prayers but would provide significant defense bonuses at the expense of damage output, ensuring it remains balanced. This approach would cater to casual players by granting them access to more content, albeit in a less efficient manner. Additionally, it would increase the utility of tank armors and introduce a new playstyle that doesn't rely on prayer flicking. It's important to note that this book would not affect the PvP meta, as tanking is generally considered ineffective in PvP scenarios.

2, Skilling Prayer Book:

A self-explanatory concept, this prayer book would revolve around enhancing skilling activities. It could provide temporary boosts to various skills, increase gathering yields, or offer unique effects to improve efficiency while engaging in non-combat tasks. This would provide players with a new way to approach skilling and add depth to the gameplay experience beyond combat-oriented mechanics.

3, Poison/Blood-Centric Prayer Book:

This idea aims to bring attention to underused archetypes by introducing a prayer book focused on poison and blood effects. Players could harness the power of venoms, life leeching, or other related mechanics to enhance their combat abilities. This would provide more diversity in combat styles and promote exploration of alternative strategies.

By incorporating these ideas into new prayer books, OSRS can offer fresh gameplay experiences while appealing to different player preferences. Each book would introduce unique mechanics, encouraging players to experiment and adapt their playstyles accordingly. More OSRS guides, OSRS Gold, RS3 Gold, Accounts, Firecape for sale on, you can join us now.