​Introducing the Top 10 Skilling Pets in Old School RuneScape!

Sep-03-2023 PST

Hey there, fellow scapers, welcome to RSorder.com! Today, we're diving into the enchanting world of Skilling Pets in Old School RuneScape. These little critters are the perfect sidekicks to accompany you on your skilling adventures. They not only add a touch of charm and cuteness but also serve as a symbol of your dedication and success in various skills. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Skilling Pets in OSRS, each with its unique charm and benefits.

Baby Chinchompa

Say hello to the Baby Chinchompa! These adorable fluffballs are obtained through the Hunter skill and are guaranteed to melt your heart. With their playful nature and boundless energy, they make the perfect companions during your skilling sessions. Catching these little critters not only adds a burst of cuteness to your adventures but also showcases your prowess in the Hunter skill.


Next up is the Beaver, a loyal companion acquired through the Woodcutting skill. These hardworking critters assist you in chopping down trees and gathering logs. With their diligent work ethic, they speed up your woodcutting process, making it more efficient and rewarding. Having a Beaver by your side not only adds charm to your woodcutting endeavors but also highlights your expertise in the Woodcutting skill.

Abyssal Protector

Prepare to meet the Abyssal Protector, a fearsome yet endearing skilling pet obtained through the Runecrafting skill. This loyal companion hails from the abyssal plane and accompanies you during the creation of runes. With its presence, you not only gain protection against the menacing creatures of the abyss but also demonstrate your mastery over the ancient art of Runecrafting.

Rock Golem

Meet your steadfast companion in the Mining skill, the Rock Golem! These tough critters join you as you delve deep into mines in search of precious ores. With their unwavering loyalty and stoic presence, they make your mining experience all the more enjoyable and rewarding. Having a Rock Golem as your mining buddy showcases your dedication and expertise in the Mining skill.


For all the fishing enthusiasts out there, we have the elegant Heron! Obtained through the Fishing skill, this majestic bird perches by your side as you cast your line and reel in those big catches. Its tranquil presence and serene beauty transform even the most mundane fishing spots into picturesque havens. The Heron symbolizes your angling expertise and adds a touch of tranquility to your fishing escapades.


If you've mastered the art of Farming, you may be lucky enough to encounter the legendary Tangleroot. This animated cluster of roots and foliage represents the pinnacle of your farming achievements. As your Farming expertise grows, so does the Tangleroot, evolving into a magnificent display of nature's abundance. Having Tangleroot as a living trophy demonstrates your green thumb and mastery over the agricultural arts.

Rift Guardian

Prepare to unlock the secrets of the runecrafting process with the Rift Guardian! This enigmatic skilling pet emerges from the rifts you traverse while crafting runes. With its ethereal presence, the Rift Guardian embodies the magic and mysteries of runecrafting. Obtaining this pet showcases your journey into the depths of runic knowledge and adds a touch of mystique to your skilling adventures.


Introducing Herbi, the adorable companion of Herblore! This little creature scampers alongside you as you brew potions and mix herbs, eagerly assisting you throughout the process. Having Herbi by your side signifies your mastery of the delicate art of Herblore and adds a touch of whimsy to your concoctions. Keep an eye out for this lovable pet as you explore the world of potions and elixirs!


Are you a master of thievery? If so, you'll want to meet Rocky, your trusty raccoon companion in the Thieving skill. With his nimble paws and mischievous nature, Rocky is always ready to lend a helping hand in your sneaky endeavors. Having Rocky by your side enhances the thrill and excitement of your thieving exploits, showcasing your expertise in the art of thievery.

Giant Squirrel

Last but certainly not least, we have the majestic Giant Squirrel! This nimble companion represents your mastery of the Agility skill. With unmatched grace and agility, this squirrel leaps and bounds, effortlessly navigating treacherous obstacles. The Giant Squirrel's presence serves as a reminder of your incredible progress and accomplishments in traversing the challenging agility courses of Gielinor. Being accompanied by the Giant Squirrel is a true testament to your agility prowess.

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