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Lucrative Midgame Money Makers in Old School RuneScape

Jan-22-2024 PST

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers a plethora of ways to make money, but many of the most profitable methods are often geared towards players with maxed stats or high-level accounts. However, a significant portion of the player base finds themselves in the midgame, where progress has been made but the climb to endgame is still ongoing. In this article, we will explore some lesser-known yet highly profitable midgame money-making methods that can yield substantial returns even for players without maxed-out stats.

Shades of Morton Minigame - Sanctifying Olive Oil:

One of the underrated midgame money-making methods involves participating in the Shades of Morton minigame to sanctify olive oil. With minimal requirements, including completing the Shades of Morton quest and a minimum of 20 Crafting, players can turn inexpensive olive oil into valuable sacred oil, offering a profit margin of up to 1.4 million GP per hour. The method is accessible and straightforward, making it an excellent choice for mid-level players.

Rex Solo Bossing:

Bossing in OSRS is typically associated with high-level accounts, but killing the Rex Dagganoth King can be a profitable venture for mid-level players. With requirements of 50 Magic, 40 Defense, and 43 Prayer, players can access Waterbirth Island and take on Rex. The method involves strategic positioning to solo kill Rex efficiently. With a potential profit of 1 million GP per hour, it provides a decent option for mid-level players looking to engage in bossing content.

Forestry - Profiting from Woodcutting:

Historically, woodcutting has not been considered a profitable skill, but the introduction of forestry has changed that perception. Forestry allows players to acquire anima bark, which can be exchanged for tradable items such as log bracers and felling ax handles. The method requires minimal requirements and can yield profits ranging from 500k to 1 million GP per hour, making it an excellent choice for mid-level players looking to monetize their woodcutting efforts.

Opening the Grubby Chest in Kandarin:

The Grubby Chest in Kandarin offers a unique money-making opportunity with low requirements. With 57 Thieving and a modest starting capital, players can open Grubby Chests, leaving behind some items to maximize the number of chests opened per hour. The method can yield profits between 1 and 2 million GP per hour, making it an attractive option for mid-level players with some initial investment.

Hunting Implings for Profit:

Impling hunting, specifically opening impling jars, can be a profitable venture for mid-level players. With minimum requirements of 50 Hunter and supplementary 50 Magic for the snare spell, players can catch and open implings for valuable loot. The profits range from 500k to 1 million GP per hour, depending on luck, Hunter level, and focus. It's a flexible and accessible money-making method for mid-level players.

Sinister Chest Agility Money Maker:

The Sinister Chest, located in the Thieving Agility Dungeon, offers a consistent money-making opportunity for mid-level players with 49 Agility. By opening Sinister Chests with a full inventory of Sinister Keys, players can earn profits ranging from 1 to 1.5 million GP per hour. While the method lacks experience gains, it compensates with reliable and decent profits.

Revenant Cave Money Making:

Revenant hunting in the Wilderness is a high-risk, high-reward money-making method suitable for mid-level players. With minimal requirements of 70 Ranged and 40 Defense, players can enter the Revenant Cave and farm revenants for noted alchables. Despite the competitive nature and the risk of player encounters, mid-level players can still achieve profits exceeding 2 million GP per hour, making it one of the most lucrative midgame options.

Herb Runs - A Timeless Profitable Venture:

Herb runs remain one of the most consistent and profitable methods for mid-level players. With a minimum of 32 Farming, players can engage in herb farming, utilizing ultra compost and RAR seeds. Running herb patches across multiple locations can yield profits between 2.5 and 3 million GP per hour, making herb runs a timeless and accessible midgame money-making option.

In Conclusion:

Old School RuneScape provides a wealth of opportunities for players to generate income, even in the midgame stage. The methods outlined above cater specifically to mid-level players, offering diverse options with varying risk levels and profit potentials. As players progress through their journey, exploring these lesser-known money-making avenues can significantly contribute to their overall wealth and enjoyment of the game.

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