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Making Money with Level 20 Monsters in Old School RuneScape

Jan-18-2024 PST

In the vast world of Old School RuneScape, where adventurers seek treasures and face formidable foes, a unique osrs money-making method has surfaced. In this article, we'll delve into an unconventional approach to accumulating wealth by targeting level 20 monsters that are often overlooked by the average player. Our journey takes us to the dark swamps of Morytania, where an unexpected source of riches awaits – the humble snails.


Unconventional Discovery


RSorder a content creator in the OSRS community, introduces a novel money-making method. Shares his discovery of a level 20 monster residing in the eerie swamps of Morytania, an area known for its haunting ambiance and formidable creatures. Little did players suspect that within these murky waters lie opportunities to amass wealth.


Choosing the Snail Hunt


Sets his sights on a specific breed of monsters in this unusual money-making venture – snails. These seemingly harmless creatures, often ignored by players, conceal a potential gold mine. The chosen location is the southern section of Paterdomus, teeming with feral vampires and various snail species, including bruised snails, blood snails, and more.


The Snail Varieties


Takes the time to introduce viewers to the different types of snails present in the area. These include bruised snails, blood snails, blemish snails, and OCA snails. While some are more valuable than others, Decides to focus on bruised and bloody snails, disregarding blemish OCA snails due to their low market value.


Understanding Snail Loot


As embarks on his snail-killing spree, he explains the loot mechanics. Snails drop two main items – shells and meat. The shells vary in value, with bruised snail shells holding more significance due to their use in crafting a helmet for medium clue scrolls. However, the real money lies in snail meat, particularly the thin and fat varieties.


Analyzing Snail Meat's Value


Dives into the economics of snail meat, emphasizing its surprising market demand. While the exact reasons for its high value remain unclear, Reveals that both raw thin and fat snail meat boasts impressive trade volumes. These meats, with low cooking level requirements, offer substantial healing and are used in quests and item crafting.


Choosing the Optimal Snail Hunting Ground


The importance of location when engaging in snail hunting. RSorder identifies the southern Paterdomus region as the prime spot, citing its proximity to the Paterdomus door and bank. This allows for swift banking and minimal downtime between inventory trips, ensuring an efficient and profitable grind.


The Snail-Killing Process


With a chosen location and strategy in mind, RSorder demonstrates the snail-killing process. He highlights the simplicity of the method, requiring minimal resources. Occasionally, feral vampires pose a threat, but efficiently dispatches them or employs safe-spotting techniques.


Time and Efficiency


Provides a real-time demonstration, completing an inventory of snails in approximately five minutes. With each inventory yielding valuable loot, he emphasizes the efficiency of this money-making method, making it accessible even to low-level players.


Half-Hour Results


After half an hour of dedicated snail hunting, Evaluates the results. Inventory, when price-checked, reflects a profit of around 160,000 coins. This promising outcome prompts them to express satisfaction with the method, praising its profitability for a level 20 monster.


One-Hour Haul


As the hour-long snail-killing session concludes, Return to the bank to assess the overall results. With approximately 148 snails killed in the hour, the total loot value surpasses 320,000 coins. Breaks down the earnings, emphasizing the significance of snail meat in contributing to the total profit.


Market Dynamics and Selling Strategy


To maximize profits, heads to the Grand Exchange to sell his loot. He notes the importance of adapting to market dynamics and sets reasonable prices to ensure swift sales. The actively traded prices guide his initial pricing decisions, but Gango remains flexible, adjusting prices to expedite the selling process.


Optimizing Snail Meat Sales


Recognizing the substantial value of snail meat prioritizes its sale. Despite initial challenges with slow sales, he revises the prices downward, facilitating rapid transactions. The demand for snail meat outweighs that of shells, prompting to focus on meeting player preferences and ensuring a steady stream of income.


The Final Tally


After a thorough selling session, tallies the final earnings. The fat snail meat sells for 164,000 coins, while the thin snail meat adds 32,000 coins. The shells, despite facing challenges in the market, contribute to the overall profit. In the end, concludes that the unconventional snail-hunting method yields an impressive 250,000 coins per hour.




The journey into the realm of snail hunting reveals a hidden treasure trove in Old School RuneScape. Experiment with level 20 monsters to challenge preconceptions about money-making methods, showcasing the potential of overlooked creatures. The efficiency, accessibility, and profitability of snail hunting make it an attractive venture for players seeking diverse avenues for wealth accumulation. As adventurers set forth into the swamps of Morytania, the snails await, promising riches to those bold enough to undertake this unconventional money-making journey.