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Mastering Fletching 1-99 Guide in Old School RuneScape

Jan-27-2024 PST

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Today, we embark on a journey through the world of Old School RuneScape, focusing on the art of Fletching. This 1-99 guide aims to provide you with three distinct routes to achieve mastery in Fletching. Whether you seek profitability, speed, or a balanced approach, we've got you covered. Fletching is not only one of the quickest skills to level up, but it also offers a plethora of training methods, making it accessible for both new and seasoned players. So, let's dive into the details and explore the pathways to a coveted 99 in Fletching.

Why Fletching?

Before delving into the training methods, let's understand why Fletching is a skill worth mastering. Fletching is not only a lucrative skill, but it also opens doors to various quests and diary requirements. The Sins of the Father quest, for instance, requires a Fletching level of 60, while the Desert Elite Diary necessitates 95 Fletching to craft dragon darts. Additionally, Fletching is known for its profitability, making it an attractive choice for players looking to earn while leveling up.

Early Game Quests and Tips:

While Fletching is a quick skill to train, there are a few quests that can give you an initial boost. The Temple of Ikov quest, completable at level 1 Fletching, provides 8,000 experience, instantly propelling you to level 25. Another noteworthy quest is the Tourist Trap, unlocking the ability to make darts, one of the fastest training methods.

For an early boost without waiting for stew boosts, consider using dragon fruit pies, offering a +4 Fletching boost. These pies are particularly handy when you're on the verge of accessing a quicker training method but need a couple more levels.

Starting at Level 1: Crafting Headless Arrows

Regardless of the route you choose, starting with crafting headless arrows from level 1 to 30 is recommended. This method is not only quick but can also be profitable, setting you on the right path for efficient Fletching training. You'll need approximately 13,300 headless arrows, which can be crafted in about 20 minutes.

Navigating Buying Limits:

A critical aspect of efficient Fletching training is dealing with buying limits on the Grand Exchange. From the early levels, you'll notice constraints on purchasing arrow shafts, feathers, and other materials. Planning ahead, buying overnight, and pacing your purchases are key strategies to overcome these limits. Additionally, avoid instant purchases to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Profitable and Balanced Route (Level 30-99):

Now, let's explore the profitable and balanced route, which also serves as a personal favorite. Starting at level 30, crafting steel arrows is recommended, offering up to 220k experience per hour. While this method incurs a cost of around 1 million OSRS coins, it propels you to level 65 in approximately two hours.

From level 65 to 71, crafting diamond or ruby-tipped bolts is a profitable and efficient choice. Transitioning to dragonstone bolts at level 71 and continuing until level 84 can yield significant profits. Finally, at level 84, crafting dragon bolts becomes a cost-effective and quick training method, offering over a million experience per hour.

From level 84 to 99, crafting dragon bolts remains the method of choice. Despite the hefty material cost, the low time investment (around 10 hours) and potential for profit make it a compelling option. In total, this route takes approximately 23 hours of gameplay, with the potential to break even or even profit.

The Quickest Route (Level 37-99):

For those seeking the fastest path to 99 Fletching, crafting darts is the way to go. Starting at level 37, crafting steel darts provides an incredible 600k experience per hour. Progressing through mithril, adamant, and amethyst darts, players can achieve up to 2 million experience per hour with dragon darts.

This route, while lightning-fast (around 10 hours total), comes at a significant cost of around 150 million coins. It's essential to weigh the speed against the expense and determine if this approach aligns with your goals and budget.

Lower Intensity and Profitable Route (Level 30-99):

The third route focuses on a lower intensity, profitable approach, primarily crafting bows. Beginning at level 30, crafting steel arrows can provide an initial boost before transitioning to stringing bows from level 65 onwards. Stringing yew longbows from level 70 to 85 and magic longbows from 85 to 99 offers a profitable and less click-intensive method.

While this route takes longer (approximately 63 hours), it results in a profit of around 15 million coins. It's a suitable option for players who prefer a more relaxed training pace while still making substantial gains.


In the vast world of Old School RuneScape, mastering Fletching opens up avenues for both profit and skill progression. Whether you choose the balanced, speedy, or low-intensity route, the key is to align your approach with your preferences, goals, and available resources. So, pick up your bowstring, ready your dart tips, and embark on your journey to 99 Fletching – may your arrows always find their mark!

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