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Money-Making Methods in Old School RS

Feb-29-2024 PST

In the vast world of Old School RS(OSRS), where adventurers strive to amass wealth and power, there exists a myriad of conventional and unconventional methods to fill your coffers. While many players boast about their elite gear and high-level skills, there's a niche community that thrives on creative money-making strategies with minimal requirements. In this article, we embark on a journey from rags to riches, exploring unconventional money-making methods that require little more than determination and a willingness to think outside the box.

Starting from Scratch

Imagine a scenario where you're starting a new OSRS account from scratch. No fancy gear, no maxed-out stats, just the sheer determination to make it big. Our journey begins humbly, with a meager 10K gold pieces earned from the Stronghold of Security. With this modest sum, we set out to discover unconventional methods to turn it into a fortune.

The Power of Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is key when you're starting from scratch. One unconventional method involves exploiting the price disparities between items sold in NPC shops and their market value on the Grand Exchange. By carefully selecting items with a significant price difference, such as steel nails, one can turn a modest investment into substantial profits.

Embracing Unorthodox Ventures

Our journey takes us through unconventional ventures such as burning food for profit. While most players focus on cooking edible meals, we discover a niche market for burnt food items, where collectors are willing to pay a premium. By capitalizing on this overlooked market, we turn mundane tasks like burning bread and rabbits into lucrative endeavors.

Thinking Beyond the Norm

Unconventional money-making methods often involve thinking beyond the norm. We explore avenues such as passive income streams through investments in items like bagged plants. These items, often overlooked by seasoned players, hold significant value for newcomers and can be traded for substantial profits.

Exploring Unique Opportunities

The world of OSRS is brimming with unique opportunities waiting to be discovered. From trading crystal keys for valuable loot to leveraging shop-hopping techniques for profit, we uncover hidden gems that defy conventional wisdom.

Adapting to Challenges

Along our journey, we encounter challenges and setbacks, such as discovering the limitations of certain methods or facing unexpected losses. However, true entrepreneurs adapt and persevere, finding alternative paths to success.

Celebrating Success

Despite the challenges, our perseverance pays off as we witness our fortunes grow exponentially. From humble beginnings, we amass a wealth of 50 million gold pieces, proving that unconventional methods can lead to extraordinary success in the world of OSRS.


Old School RS is a world of endless possibilities, where creativity and resourcefulness are rewarded. Our journey from rags to riches showcases the power of unconventional thinking and determination to achieve financial success. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, remember that fortune favors the bold, and with the right mindset, anything is possible in the world of Gielinor.

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