Moneymaking Ways: OSRS 1-99 P2P Fishing Guide

Dec-20-2021 PST

Fishing is a skill that can be done primarily through AFK gameplay, depending on the method you end up choosing. In this OSRS Fishing Guide, we will be summing up some moneymaking ways. The fishing moneymaking portion of this guide will be ranked by profit per hour.

Levels 75 – 99 Swordfish/Tuna 100K/hr

Tuna and swordfish fishing in Osiris is a good source of income for fishing. You will earn around 100,000 GP an hour with this Fishing training method which is very impressive. To get the most Fishing experience per hour, you should use a dragon/infernal harpoon and of course set it in your Fishing guild to get a +7 invisible level rise.

Fishing Equipment: harpoon (dragon/infernal highly recommended)

    ● EXP Rate: 35-40K exp/hr

    ● 100K gp/hr

    ● 310 hours to 99 fishing

Swordfish/tuna fishing spots: Fishing Guild (skills necklace/Camelot teleport)

Levels 62 – 99 Monkfish 115K/hr

Fishing monkfish is a slightly better way to practice fishing than swordfish and tuna. You can expect to see up to 115,000 GP an hour fishing for monkfish. That’s a little less AFK than tuna/swordfish fishing. You also get a decent hour of experience fishing for monkfish, which is why so many people take this fishing practice method along Route 99 in an old-school RuneScape.

Monkfish fishing requirements:

    ● Swan Song Quest (high requirements)  

    ● 62 Fishing

Monkfish fishing equipment: small fishing net

    ● EXP Rate: 30-40k exp/hr

    ● 115k gp/hr

    ● 362 hours to 99 fishing

Levels 80 – 99 Infernal Eel 250K/hr

Fishing infernal Eels At level 80, Fishing is possible for those with a Fire Cape. In the heart of Mor Ul Rek is a infernal eel fishing spot that requires a fire cape to access. You don’t need a bank here, as you can open a infernal eel with your hammer, which gives you a stuttering and simple way to get the tips of one luck and the shards of lava every time.

With Tokkul, you can buy goods that you can then sell on a big stock exchange for a profit. If you include stubble, you can achieve up to 250K GP per hour with this method. It’s very AFK and the fishing spots are very close to each other, much closer than sacred eel fishing, which is why it’s a slightly better way to make money than osrs fishing.

    ● EXP Rate: 28-35k exp/hr

    ● 250k gp/hr

    ● 315 hr to 99

Infernal eel fishing equipment: oily fishing rod, bait, hammer, fire gloves

Infernal eel fishing requirements:

    ● Access to a Fire cape

    ● Ice gloves (Ice queen)

Infernal eel fishing location: The infernal eel fishing spots are located in the city of Tezhar. You can get here by teleporting to Glory Karamja and then walking towards Volcano Cave. Or you can use the BLP imaginary seal symbol to teleport you directly to the entrance to Mor Ul Rek.

Levels 82 – 99 Anglerfish 361K/hr

Fishing for anglerfish is another great way to make money fishing and it is very AFK. Fishing for anglers can be easily practiced by watching movies or playing with an alternate OSRS account while catching anglers. If you end up with this OSRS fishing training method, 99 hunts would take 470 hours, which is a lot of movies.

    ● EXP Rate: 15-23k exp/hr

    ● 361k gp/hr

    ● 470hr to 99

Anglerfish fishing equipment: Fishing rod + sandworms

Anglerfish fishing requirements: 100% Piscarilius favour

Anglerfish fishing spot location: Port Piscarilius

Levels 85 – 99 Dark Crabs 440K/hr

Fishing dark crabs provide a good experience and cash payment per hour, but the downside is that you can only hunt them at wilderness level 51. This means that your chances of getting a PKed are very high, which reduces your income. So take 440,000 grains of salt, you might get annoyed before you hit the bank.

Tip: If you have a decent level alternate account in Ice Barrage, you can get that account ready to log in to the same world resource area to fight SME PKer.

Nearby NPC Bills will notice your crab for 50 coins. That means you can stay here forever. However, you should make sure that you make the funding from time to time to reduce the risk you take. Be sure to bring food and money to get into the area and pay attention to your crabs.

    ● EXP Rate: 40k exp/hr

    ● 440K gp/hr

    ● 244hr to 99

Dark crabs fishing equipment: Lobster pot + dark fishing bait

Dark crabs location: Wilderness Resource Area

Levels 82-99 Fishing Minnows 550K/hr

Fishing for minnows is the best way to make money from fishing. And unlike many of the other Fishing practice methods mentioned above, you get a good EXP at the same time! The downside to catching small fish is that it is not very AFK. Minnow catches move every 15 seconds, so pay attention if you want to have a good experience and win percentages.

You can exchange minnows for a raw shark with 40 minnows on one raw shark. Raw sharks can then be sold on a large stock exchange at a profit. It is much better to catch minnows to make money, and they also produce more than sharks that catch fish. Minnow fishing can only be done in the fishing guild and fishing requires full fishing gear to access the minnow fishing area.

    ● Fishing minnows experience per hour: 40-55K exp/hr

    ● 550K gp/hr

    ● 212hr to 99 fishing

Fishing minnows requirements:

    ● Angler’s outfit

    ● Fishing Content Quest

Fishing minnows equipment: Small fishing net

Fishing minnows location: Fishing Guild

If you want to train your fishing as AFK as possible, doing swordfish/tuna is recommended. Infernal and Sacred eels are also a great way to train AFK and make good money while you level your fishing. At the same time, RSorder is also a place to get OSRS Gold, fast, safe and cheap