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My candid thoughts on ToA drop rates

Jul-24-2023 PST

Welcome to - My candid thoughts on Temple of Aminishi (ToA) drop rates as an inexperienced PvMer:

After completing my first 350 runs and obtaining my initial purple drop, a Masori mask, I can't help but feel a sense of disappointment. As someone who hasn't tackled Chambers of Xeric (CoX) or Theatre of Blood (ToB), I acknowledge that I'm not particularly skilled in PvM. However, the drops in ToA seem consistently underwhelming compared to other raids.

Take, for example, the value of certain drops:

- An ancestral hat is valued at around 45m.

- A Torva full helm fetches over 200m.

- Meanwhile, a Masori mask sits at a mere 13m.

I understand that ToA is designed to be accessible, and I appreciate the need for trade-offs. Content that is easily accessible cannot remain consistently rewarding, or it risks losing its balance. If I were designing it, I would aim to make purple drops more significant, giving players a real sense of achievement and progression.

Here's how I would structure it:

- Entry-level raids would have no purple drops. Instead, a practice mode would offer its own rewards. This mode would provide a risk-free environment for players to improve their skills at their own pace, with small rewards to cover supply costs.

- Standard raids would introduce ring and ward drops, with a rare chance of obtaining a fang (which would serve as the coveted mega-rare drop for standard raids).

- Expert raids would grant players reasonable chances of obtaining Masori masks, in addition to the previous rewards. The fang drop rate would also be notably higher than in standard raids.

- Expert raids with 400 or more completions would unlock shadow drops as the ultimate mega-rare rewards.

I understand that this perspective may not be popular, but from a gameplay experience standpoint, I believe it would be a positive change. It would incentivize players to consistently push their limits, while also maintaining the value of purple drops. It's disheartening when every purple drop pales in comparison to those from other raids. For instance, although ToB has its own concerns, at least the most common drop is worth around 80m, unlike in ToA.

If the fang were valued at around 200m OSRS Gold, I probably wouldn't have attempted a 350 completion, as I wouldn't be able to afford it. However, I would feel far more motivated to improve my skills knowing that the potential value of purples could be significantly higher if the drop rates were different.