​New Necromancy Rune Crafting Methods: Maximizing Skilling and Profit in RuneScape

Sep-10-2023 PST

In the world of RuneScape, new opportunities for skilled adventurers have emerged with the release of necromancy. Necromancy introduces a fresh approach to runecrafting, offering players the chance to become the best money makers or achieve the highest runecrafting XP rates in the game. In this article, RSorder will explore the new methods and outline how you can optimize your gameplay for both profit and experience.

With necromancy, you gain access to incantations that utilize new necromancy runes instead of traditional ones. These runes include spirit runes, bone runes, flesh runes, and miasma runes. To obtain these runes, you must use impure essence gathered from rituals and then runecraft them. Depending on your preferred approach, you can earn over 50 million GP per hour or achieve more than 600,000 XP per hour without any boosts. So, before we dive into the specific methods to achieve these numbers, let's take a look at the setup required.

For the optimal outfit, equip the infinity ethereal outfit, which is the recommended runecrafting attire. This outfit provides the ability to carry an additional 12 impure essence. Additionally, equip the Wilderness sword, which serves as a teleportation tool and is perked up with the wise four perk, granting you a slight XP boost. Furthermore, have an enhanced caliber or any weapon with the mobile perk, which is essential for the most efficient method. If you don't have access to the mobile perk, you can use the Shadows Grace Relic from archaeology, which can be unlocked at level 67 archaeology. Lastly, bring the Tome of um 2, the reward for completing the medium city of um achievements. Besides the gear setup, having double search and blade-a-dive abilities is crucial for optimizing both XP and GP rates.

Now, let's examine the inventory setup, which is relatively straightforward. Carry one of each rune pouch to store additional runes. Include a Power Burst of sorcery potion, which allows you to double the runes created every fourth trip. Bring a stack of decorated runecrafting urns, an active urn, and an urn enhancer. These items provide an extra 20 XP per urn, making them worthwhile unless you prioritize GP over XP. If you solely focus on GP, you can replace these three items with more impure essence. Additionally, utilize the pouch protector relic as your main relic. For the XP method, you'll need the Nexus mode relic, and if you lack the mobile perk, the Shadow Grace Relic becomes valuable. Finally, bring an Abyssal Titan as your familiar to carry more essence during your trips.

Let's now explore the three different methods for necromancy runecrafting. The first method optimizes GP per hour, the second maximizes XP per hour, and the third is ideal for obtaining all types of runes, particularly for Ironman players.

GP Optimization Method:

Begin by banking as described previously. From the bank, click and make your way toward the altars. When you reach a certain point, use the search ability followed by a blade-a-dive diagonally through the scenery. This maneuver should position you near the desired location. Once you've performed the blade-a-dive, click toward the portal and, once your character has turned in that direction without any obstacles ahead, use the search ability again. Run toward the portal, and once inside, search again to reach the altar quickly. Utilize your power burst potion whenever available to create more runes. After crafting the runes, spam your Tome of um to teleport back to the bank. Repeat this cycle for optimal efficiency. Perfect execution can yield up to 135 runs per hour, resulting in approximately 50 million GP per hour based on current prices. Note that the GP rates may vary with different rune types.

XP Optimization Method:

This method focuses on maximizing XP per hour. Start at Edgeville bank and follow the usual banking process. From Edgeville, run north into the Wilderness toward the abyss wizard teleport. Once through the abyss, use any of the rune portals. Afterward, quickly click your Tome of um to teleport and reach the altars as fast as possible. Craft your runes and use the Tome of um again to teleport back. It's important to note that the abyss buff works after going throughthe abyss, so make sure to activate it. This method can yield over 600,000 XP per hour without any boosts, making it an excellent choice for those focusing on leveling up their runecrafting skill.

All-Round Method (Ideal for Ironman):

For Ironman players or those seeking a variety of runes, this method provides a balanced approach. Start by banking as usual, then proceed to the altar of your choice. After crafting the runes, use the Nexus mode relic to teleport to another altar, allowing you to craft different runes in quick succession. Repeat this process for multiple rune types, maximizing your rune variety and overall efficiency.