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Old School RS: Achieving 1-99 Hunter Skill Guide 2024

Mar-22-2024 PST

Old School RS (OSRS) is a beloved MMORPG known for its nostalgic gameplay and engaging skilling activities. Among the various skills, Hunter stands out as a unique and rewarding one. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the most efficient methods to level up your Hunter skill from 1 to 99, with a focus on the fastest routes, alternative methods, and essential tips.

Understanding the Basics:

Before delving into specific training methods, it's crucial to grasp some fundamentals. Hunter involves setting traps, tracking creatures, and catching them to gain experience. As you progress in Hunter levels, you unlock new traps and gain the ability to place more traps simultaneously.

Gear and Outfits:

    • Weight-reducing clothing, like the Graceful set, is essential for efficient training.

    • The Ring of Endurance is recommended if affordable.

    • Note that Hunter outfits are cosmetic and no longer affect trap success rates.

Traps and Equipment:

    • Different training methods use various traps and hunting equipment.

    • As a general rule, always wear weight-reducing clothing, except for certain wilderness methods.

    • Ground markers and NPC indicators from the RuneLite client can help highlight targets.

Level 1-9: Natural History Quiz:

The initial levels can be quickly achieved by taking the Natural History Quiz at the museum in northeast Varrock. RuneLite users can skip lectures as the client highlights quiz answers. Alternatively, the wiki provides answers for those seeking a swift route.

Level 9-99: Birdhouse Trapping:

For those with patience and a willingness to wait, birdhouse trapping is the fastest route to level 99. Accessible after completing the Bone Voyage quest, this method involves placing birdhouses on Fossil Island. The gear includes weight-reducing items and the best birdhouses obtainable. Bird nests, feathers, and raw bird meat are some of the rewards.

A 50-minute waiting period follows each birdhouse placement. During this time, players can engage in other activities or log out. Upon returning, harvest the birdhouses, obtaining various rewards, including experience. The theoretical XP per hour, especially from level 80 to 99, makes this method highly efficient.

Alternative Methods:

While birdhouse trapping is the fastest, alternative methods cater to diverse playstyles and preferences.

Feldip Weasels (Level 7):

Utilize a new swan, stamina, and rings of pursuit for tracking.

Ruby Harvest and Copper Longtails (Level 15):

Use bird snares, a butterfly net, butterfly jars, and staminas in the Piscatoris Hunter area.

Swamp Lizards (Level 29):

Catch swamp lizards with ropes, small fishing nets, and staminas in two locations in Morytania.

Spotted and Dark Kebbits (Levels 43 and 57):

Equip a falcon and use stamina to catch these creatures in the Piscatoris falconry area.

Red Salamanders (Level 60):

Catch red salamanders south of the arena altar and teleport with ropes and small fishing nets.

Maniacal Monkeys (Level 60):

After completing Monkey Madness II, catch monkeys in the Monkey Madness II dungeon using a cruck monkey grigri and baskets of bananas.

Black Salamanders (Level 67):

Located in the Boneyard Hunter area in the wilderness, use small fishing nets and ropes.

Herbiboar (Level 80):

After completing Bone Voyage, enjoy a relaxing method on Fossil Island using magic secateurs and stamina.

Sweaty Methods: Black chinchompas (Level 73+):

For those seeking a more intense, high-profit method, black chinchompas in the wilderness offer an excellent option. This method involves tick manipulation and requires specific gear and preparation. The guide provides insights into the necessary equipment, inventory setup, and strategies for escaping player killers (PKers).


Mastering Hunter in Old School RuneScape offers a variety of methods to suit different playstyles. Whether you prefer the laid-back approach of birdhouse trapping, the intensity of black chinchompas, or the novelty of tracking herbivores, this guide equips you with the knowledge to efficiently level your Hunter skill from 1 to 99. 

For more guides and all the latest news about Old School RS, check out RSorder. Happy hunting!