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Old School RS: Achieving 1-99 Mining Skill Guide 2024

Mar-28-2024 PST

Greetings, fellow RSers! If you're looking to delve into the world of mining in Old School RS, you've come to the right place. I'm RSorder, and in this comprehensive guide, we'll navigate the intricate pathways from level 1 to 99 mining. Whether you're a seasoned player seeking updated strategies or a newcomer eager to unearth the riches of the mining skill, this guide has you covered.


Why Train Mining?


Before we embark on this mining journey, it's essential to understand the significance of mining in Old School RuneScape. Mining is not only a skill for accumulating valuable resources but also a gateway to various quests and achievements. Several quests have mining requirements, and achieving level 72 mining is essential for obtaining the coveted quest cape. Furthermore, reaching level 85 mining becomes crucial for completing every achievement diary, including the formidable Chambers of Xeric and the Tombs of Amascut.


Beyond quest requirements, mining is a profitable skill. Depending on your chosen pathway, you can amass a substantial amount of RuneScape GP on your journey to level 99. In this guide, we'll explore different training methods, essential items, and efficient unlocks to optimize your mining XP rates.


Useful Items and Unlocks


To enhance your mining experience and boost your XP rates, it's essential to utilize various items and unlocks. Here are some key elements to consider:


1. Celestial Ring: Acquired through shooting stars, this ring provides an invisible +4 mining level boost, translating to faster mining. It can be charged with Stardust, offering a 10% chance to mine double the ore, up to adamant, while providing the full experience.

2. Varrock Armor: Rewarded from the Varrock Achievement Diary, this armor grants a 10% chance to mine double and provides the full experience. Different tiers of Varrock armor work up to specific types of ore, making it invaluable for power mining iron and granite.

3. Mining Guild Access: At level 60 mining, you can access the Mining Guild, where rocks respawn faster, and an invisible +7 mining level boost accelerates your training. The guild is an optimal location for power mining.

4. Mining Gloves: Unidentified minerals found in the Mining Guild can be traded for mining gloves, which have a chance of not depleting the mined rock. These are particularly useful for slow-regenerating rocks like runite or amethyst.

5. Motherlode Mine and Prospector's Outfit: The Motherlode Mine offers golden nuggets, which, when accumulated, allow you to purchase the full Prospector's Outfit. This outfit provides a 2.5% mining XP boost and is essential for the Falador Hard Diary.

6. Crystal Pickaxe: Acquired by completing Song of the Elves, the Crystal Pickaxe is ideal for high-level mining training. It provides a 3% mining speed boost compared to the dragon pickaxe.

7. Volcanic Mine: At level 70 mining, the Volcanic Mine becomes an efficient training method, offering a balance between fast XP rates and AFK training.

8. Amulet of Glory: Wearing a charged Amulet of Glory triples the mining success rate of gem rocks, providing a significant boost when training at these locations.


Now that we've equipped ourselves with the necessary tools let's explore the various pathways to level 99 mining.


Efficient Pathway without Tick Manipulation


For those seeking a balanced and straightforward approach to level 99 mining without engaging in tick manipulation, here's an efficient pathway:


1. Questing (Levels 1-37): Completing quests with mining XP rewards is a swift way to jumpstart your mining journey. Aim to complete quests that provide substantial mining XP with minimal requirements.

2. Power Mining Iron (Levels 15-30): Focus on mining iron in locations where three iron rocks are accessible from one tile. This method offers around 25k XP per hour at level 15.

3. Motherlode Mine and Power Mining Iron (Levels 30-70): Access the Motherlode Mine at level 30 for AFK training. Alternate between Motherlode Mine and power mining iron to optimize your XP rates.

4. Volcanic Mine and Motherlode Mine (Levels 70-99): At level 70, the Volcanic Mine becomes an efficient training method. Alternate between the Volcanic Mine and Motherlode Mine for a balance of fast XP and AFK training.


This pathway takes approximately 200 hours to reach level 99.


Fastest Tick Manipulation Pathway


For those looking to achieve level 99 mining in the shortest time possible using tick manipulation, follow this pathway:


1. Questing or Power Mining Copper/Tin (Levels 1-37 or 1-45): Complete specific quests for mining XP or power mine copper and tin to reach the required level for three-tick manipulation.

2. Three-Ticking Granite (Levels 45-99): Head to the Quarry in the Kebos Lowlands and three-tick mine granite. This method is click-intensive but offers the fastest XP rates. Use the best pickaxe available, along with Varrock armor, Celestial Ring, and Mining gloves.


This pathway takes approximately 120 hours to reach level 99.


Alternative Training Methods


For those seeking variety or specific goals in their mining journey, consider these alternative training methods:


1. Shooting Stars: Participate in the Shooting Stars activity for Stardust and XP. Shooting Stars are AFKable and can be a refreshing change in training methods.

2. Dense Essence Mining (77-99): If you plan to train Runecrafting to level 99, consider mining dense essence during your journey. This method yields 1.3 million mining XP from level 77 to 99.

3. Gem Rocks (40-99): Unlock gem rocks by completing the Shilo Village Quest. Gem rocks provide both quick XP and profit, especially when using a Charged Amulet of Glory.

4. Blast Mining (75-99): Access Blast Mining in Lovakengj after reaching level 100% Lovakengj house favor. This method provides decent XP rates and profitable rewards.

5. Runite Rocks (85-99): At level 85 mining, members can mine runite rocks for substantial profits. However, XP rates are relatively low, and competition can be high.

6. Amethyst Mining (92-99): In the southern end of the Mining Guild, mine amethyst for moderate XP rates and a decent profit.


Iron Man Specific Methods


Iron Men have unique challenges and opportunities in their mining training. Here are some specific methods tailored for Iron Man accounts:


1. Sandstone Mining: Sandstone mining in the desert Quarry provides Iron Men with a decent source of crafting materials. The sandstone can be turned into buckets of sand, offering both crafting and mining XP.

2. Volcano Mining: The Volcanic Mine is an excellent source of Crystal Shards, gems, runes, and smithing supplies for Iron Men. It combines profitability with valuable resources.

3. Gem Rocks (40-99): Gem rocks offer Iron Men a consistent source of gems, aiding in crafting and magic training. Use a Gem Bag from the Motherlode Mine for efficiency.

4. Amethyst Mining (92-99): For Iron Men, amethyst provides a reliable source of ammunition, essential for combat scenarios.




In conclusion, the world of mining in Old School RuneScape is vast and diverse, offering players various pathways to level 99. Whether you opt for the efficient non-tick manipulation route, the fastest tick manipulation strategy, or explore alternative methods, the key is to find a balance that suits your playstyle and goals.


Remember to utilize essential RS items, such as the Celestial Ring, Varrock Armor, and the Crystal Pickaxe, to optimize your XP rates. As you embark on this mining journey, adapt and enjoy the process, as each method brings its challenges and rewards.


Thank you for joining me in this comprehensive level 1-99 mining guide. For more guides and all the latest news about Old School RS, check out RSorder. Happy mining!