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Old School RS: Easy Fortis Colosseum Guide & Get Dizana's Quiver

Jun-03-2024 PST

In Old School RS game by the name Forus Coliseum. I'm sure your YouTube feed is absolutely spammed with these videos, so here I am to make my own guide on how to get your very first and possibly only Disis Quiver in Old School RS. That being said, let's begin.


Requirements and Recommendations


The only requirement you need to attempt the Coliseum is completing the Children of the Sun quest to access Valmore. For levels, you could work with around base 80s or 85s for the OSRS items I will recommend, but just like The Inferno, every bit of damage counts. If you want a more realistic chance to beat this challenge, get a minimum of 95s or simply max out your combat stats.


Here is the minimum gear I recommend to do somewhat well in both the waves and against the Soul Herit. We will focus on melee items in that final fight as well as weapons and armor to deal decent ranged and magic damage for a unique mechanic we will see in a little bit. You won’t be doing too much magic damage without a shadow, so melee and ranged is your best bet. When I was starting to learn the Coliseum, I jumped in there with melee and magic to have some backup heals throughout the waves, but just like an SGS in The Inferno, doing that will only slow you down. I swapped out to a melee and range setup because the Tbow and the Scythe absolutely destroy pretty much all NPCs. When you have more money for upgrades, prioritize the Scythe with an Ulta ring, then Tbow, then Misori, because Tova doesn’t really offer too much other than defense, so leave it as your last upgrade.


Getting to the Coliseum


You can get to the Coliseum by teleporting to Valmore and running east. After you earn some Glory, you will unlock a Coliseum teleport in your Ring of Dueling, which takes you directly to the lobby. Get a plugin called Forus Coliseum to remind you what monsters will spawn and what invocations you have active. NPC markers help a whole ton, and ground markers for important tiles I will mention in a few minutes.


Monsters and Invocations


Now, let’s go over the monsters and the invocations quickly so we can put it all together. On every wave, three Fric will spawn, each with a different combat style. If you attack the melee with Mage, the Ranger with melee, and the Major with ranged, you will always deal your max hit. If you have an SGS, save a special attack for the Ranger to guarantee a tick-heal. They will always run towards you and move along with you, attacking every six ticks and one tick apart. When learning, it’s nice to freeze them while you solve the wave, starting with the other mobs.




  • Serpent Shaman: Occupies one tile and attacks with Mage. This is the simplest monster in the Coliseum but can still hit pretty high.

  • Jaguar Warrior: Spawns if you take too long to defeat all enemies, attack with melee, and deal with three hits in a single tick. Safe spot him around the pillar.

  • Javelin Colossus: Attacks with range, and every fifth attack throws a javelin that lands on your position a few ticks later. Difficult to outrun due to its vision range.

  • Manur: Takes a few ticks to charge up its attack after seeing you. Green means ranged, blue means Mage, and red means melee. The orbs launch every tick after charging.

  • Shockwave Colossus: Stronger Mage attacker with crazy range vision. Extremely weak to all styles but can deal significant damage.

  • Minotaur: Spawns starting on Wave 7, chases after you, and heals other NPCs in its line of sight. It’s crucial to safe spot him correctly.




  • Blasphemy: Drains your prayer depending on the damage taken.

  • Relentless: Enemies never miss and deal extra damage.

  • Frailty: Reduces your maximum HP by a set percentage and prevents overhealing.

  • Bees: Spawns swarms of bees that can poison you.

  • Myopia: Reduces your attack range, but ancient spells bypass this.

  • Re-entry: Javelin Colossi leaves molten sands where spears land.

  • Solar Flare: Spawns damaging orbs around the pillars.

  • Volatility: Enemies explode after reaching zero HP.

  • Doom Scorpion: Spawns a scorpion that chases you and applies Doom stacks.

  • Doom: You get Doom stacks when taking damage off prayer, reaching 20 kills you.

  • Dynamic Duo: Spawns two Shockwave Colossi.

  • Red Flag: Prevents safe spotting of the Minotaur.

  • Quartet: Spawns a fourth Fric for each wave.

  • Totemic: Spawns healing totems when enemies fall below 50% HP.


Wave Mechanics and Tips


Tile Markers and Starting Waves


When you go in, import the tile markers from the Google Doc in the description. For the first wave, pick your invocation, pray Mage, defeat all enemies including the Fric, and run to the tile labeled with "Start." This is known as the B5 tile. The green tiles marked around the arena are potential enemy spawn points. Standing on the starting tile when monsters spawn reduces the chance of them appearing right next to you.


Managing Monsters


When in the starting tile, pick your invocation and click confirm. Count five ticks, then run to the pillar on your left. This makes it common for monsters to stack on the other side of the pillar. Depending on your weapons, one-shot the melee with a shadow, equip the Ven Bow for the Major, and use SGS special on the Ranger. Freeze them when next to the pillar to plan the wave, and use a blood barrage to heal if needed.


Dealing with Complex Stacks


If you have multiple monsters behind the pillar:


  • Stand at the center tile, pray against the monsters in the back, walk out, then pray against the front ones.

  • Move to the leftmost corner if two Manur spawn together to manage their attacks.

  • If the wave stack is unsolvable, run south, pray correctly, and mitigate damage while moving to another pillar.


Advanced Wave Strategies


For waves where two vertically stacked monsters are behind the pillar, stand at the center tile, walk out to pray against the back monster, and then the front one. If three monsters are present, a long-range weapon can help manage the stack.


Final Boss: Soul Herit


Invocations Carrying to Wave 12


Certain invocations carry over to wave 12. The most critical one to watch out for is the Quartet. At the start of the fight, if you pick this invocation, a random Fric will appear, which you need to deal with quickly.


Soul Herit's Mechanics


Soul Herit’s basic attacks, Spear and Shield, follow a predictable pattern:


  • First Spear: Move to the middle and near the edges.

  • Second Spear: Move to diagonal tiles.

  • First Shield: Move one tile back.

  • Second Shield: Move two tiles back.


At 1,300 HP, Soul Herit summons beams of light, leaving molten sand behind. Crystals spawn around the arena, shooting beams that deal up to 70 damage. Soul Herit’s triple attack deactivates your overhead prayer, and you must count ticks to reactivate it. When Soul Herit announces to crush a part of your body, unequip the specified gear for a perfect parry, guaranteeing a maximum hit on your next attack.


Tips for Success


  • Return next to Soul Herit after basic attacks for better maneuvering.

  • Stand on the same tile where you took damage to predict safe spots for the next attack.




And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get your first quiver in Old School RuneScape. In terms of loot, it can vary from under 1M RS GP per completion to over 50M GP with a lucky triple Echo Crystal roll. Other notable rewards include the quiver, Sunfire splinters for their effect, Tel sticks of Ros for lowering magic defense, Echo Crystals for making Echo Guardian boots, and Sunfire Fanatic armor with the highest prayer bonus.


Don’t forget about the 1 in 200 chance of obtaining the pet from defeating Soul Herit or gambling your extra Echo Crystals.


Feel free to join our site to practice solving waves together, share tips, or get updates on game mechanics and updates. Thanks for watching, and good luck getting that beautiful new item in OSRS!