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Old School RS's Most Successful Project: Game Jam

Jul-08-2024 PST

Old School RS (OSRS) has seen many successful updates and projects over the years, but one of the most innovative and player-loved initiatives is the Game Jam. This event allows Jagex developers to take a week off from their regular duties to work on passion projects that they want to see in the game. While not every idea from Game Jam makes it into OSRS, many have, bringing exciting new content and improvements. The most recent Game Jam in May 2024 brought a slew of potential updates, and today, we'll explore these projects, highlight the most exciting updates, and speculate on what might be integrated into the game in the future.

1. Collection Log Interface Overhaul

One of the most anticipated updates from the recent Game Jam is the overhaul of the collection log interface, led by Mod Husky, Mod Curse, and Mod West. This new system will be optional, with the current interface remaining as the default option. The revamped interface will provide a comprehensive tracking system, showing how many unique items players have collected in each section of the log, including bosses, raids, clues, minigames, and more.

At the bottom of the interface, players will see the 12 most recent items added to their collection log. The new ranking system is a particularly exciting feature, as it will reward players with a cosmetic staff based on the number of slots they have filled in their log. Additionally, high scores for collection logs might be introduced, showcasing rankings based on how many slots players have filled. This update promises to add a new layer of competition and accomplishment for dedicated collectors.

2. Official RuneScape Bingo Interface

Another exciting project from the recent Game Jam is the official RuneScape Bingo interface. This idea aims to bring the popular Bingo board concept directly into the game, allowing players to track their team's progress and see which items they still need to collect or experience. The interface will enable hosts to set up customizable grids with different challenges, such as boss kills, skilling tasks, and specific item drops.

Once a task is completed, the grid will show it as green, eliminating the need for manual verification. The interface will also allow for customizable grid sizes, making it suitable for solo or team Bingo games. The best part is that the prize pool, often consisting of hundreds of millions of RSGP, can be evenly distributed between winners without the need to trade money to a single player. This update could make Bingo events much more streamlined and enjoyable.

3. Bank Loadouts

The Bank Loadouts project is another Game Jam highlight, and it's already available as a RuneLite plugin. Jagex aims to bring this feature into the official game, allowing players to easily switch their entire inventory and equipment setup with a single click. Whether you're transitioning from a farming run to a Slayer task, you'll be able to switch from one gear setup to another effortlessly.

Accessed through the bank, players can set up loadouts based on their current inventory or equipment. While this system is still a work in progress, Jagex intends to balance it so that manual gearing remains faster, but the loadouts provide a convenient option for those who prefer a quicker setup.

4. Bank Filters

Continuing with the theme of banking improvements, the Bank Filters project aims to make bank management more efficient. This feature will allow players to filter specific groups of items, such as amulets, capes, ammunition, or food, with just one click. Two drop-down boxes will be available: one for resources and the other for tradeable, non-tradeable, or Grand Exchange items. Each category will be labeled with the number of items, making it easy to locate what you need. This filter system will be optional and can be turned off in the settings if desired.

5. Deposit Box Interface

Another banking-related update is the new deposit box interface, designed to be more linear and mobile-friendly. This interface will allow players to deposit worn items more conveniently without dealing with the current clunky version. Players can lock in items they don't want to deposit, preventing accidental deposits. This update will streamline the banking process, especially for mobile players.

6. Mini Menu for Teleporting

The Mini Menu project is a quality-of-life improvement to the current teleporting system. This new option will add an extra sub-menu to all right-click options, reducing the number of clicks needed to teleport around. While the menu will still be canceled if players are in combat, it will make teleporting more efficient when not in combat. This update is particularly useful for max capes, which have numerous teleport options that can now be accessed more easily.

7. House Customization

House Customization is a project that aims to enhance the customization options for player-owned houses. New furniture and decor options are in the works, including various themes for houses located in areas like Falador and the Wilderness. This update will allow players to personalize their homes further, adding a touch of individuality to their in-game spaces.

8. Unrestricted Builds

The Unrestricted Builds project is inspired by RuneScape 3 and focuses on giving players more control over their character builds. Quest rewards will come from lamps instead of being automatically applied, allowing players to choose where to allocate their experience. This change will enable unique account builds, such as one-defense pures, to complete quests without affecting their desired stats. For example, the King's Ransom quest requires 65 defenses, but the reward could be given as a lamp, allowing pures to complete the quest without gaining unwanted experience.

9. RuneScape Card Game

The RuneScape Card Game, introduced in a previous Game Jam, has seen further development. This in-game card game allows players to engage in one-on-one battles using various cards to level up their characters and defeat opponents. Players can move around the battlefield, add buffs or debuffs, and use event cards for random benefits. This mini-game adds a new layer of strategy and fun to OSRS, providing a different type of gameplay experience.

10. Quality of Life Improvements

Several quality of life improvements were also proposed during the Game Jam. These include visual indicators for agility shortcuts on the map, resetting NPC behaviors for Ironmen, and adding a bestiary for easier access to monster weaknesses. Additionally, a new quest involving puffins is in the works, similar to the penguin storyline. These improvements aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience, making various aspects of the game more intuitive and enjoyable.

The May 2024 Game Jam has brought forth a myriad of exciting projects and potential updates for Old School RuneScape. From the comprehensive collection log overhaul and official Bingo interface to banking improvements and quality-of-life changes, there is a lot to look forward to. While not all of these projects will necessarily make it into the game, the passion and creativity of the Jagex developers shine through in their work. As the OSRS community eagerly awaits these updates, one thing is certain: Game Jam continues to be one of the most successful and beloved initiatives in the game's history.

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