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Old School RS: The Power of New-Ranged Weapons

Apr-01-2024 PST

With the introduction of Vamar, the RS world welcomed four new ranged weapons, prompting players to question their efficacy and potential impact on gameplay. Are these weapons game-changers, elevating ranged combat to new heights, or are they merely overhyped novelties? In this comprehensive review, we delve into the performance of each weapon after rigorous testing across various bosses and scenarios to uncover their true value.


1. The Deu Salamander: A Versatile Companion


The Deu Salamander immediately piqued curiosity due to its unique blend of melee, ranged, and magic capabilities. It seamlessly combines the functions of the abyssal whip, imbued magic short bow, and warped scepter, offering players a versatile tool for combat. While its tier 80 stat requirements may deter some, it proves its worth in diverse scenarios.


During combat achievements such as Armadyl God Wars and MPA, the Deu Salamander demonstrates commendable efficiency, making boss encounters relatively straightforward. Its affordability and low upkeep costs make it an attractive option for players seeking cost-effective training methods, especially for magic. Additionally, its effectiveness against Revenant pests in the wilderness adds another dimension to its utility, potentially yielding significant OSRS gold profits.


Overall, the Deu Salamander earns a commendable rating of seven out of ten for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, although its utility may be limited for medium-level players prioritizing DPS and defense.


2. N Sticks of Ros: A Mixed Bag of Potential


The N Sticks of Ros emerged with lofty expectations, reminiscent of the revered Dragon Warhammer in its ability to lower opponents' defense levels. However, its exorbitant price tag raises doubts about its practicality as a primary weapon. Despite its specialized function, the weapon's performance falls short in comparison to established alternatives like the blowpipe.


While it finds niche applications in encounters with high magic-level bosses like Sodom in God Wars and Leviathan, its impact on overall DPS remains underwhelming. The weapon's fluctuating market value reflects the player base's uncertainty regarding its true worth, hinting at its divisive nature.


Ultimately, the N Sticks of Ros receives a modest rating of three out of ten, as it struggles to justify its steep investment cost in light of more reliable alternatives like the Dragon Warhammer.


3. Sunlight Hunters Crossbow: A Beacon of Efficiency


In stark contrast to its counterparts, the Sunlight Hunters Crossbow shines brightly as a beacon of efficiency and reliability. Its accessibility, coupled with impressive DPS output, makes it a preferred choice for medium-level players tackling challenges like the Fight Caves. Notably, its performance rivals that of the imbued Magic Shortbow with amethyst arrows, offering a compelling alternative for players seeking cost-effective ranged options.


Moreover, the crossbow's utility extends to PvP scenarios, where its ghost movements and three-attack cycle grant players a tactical advantage. Its versatility and ease of acquisition make it a valuable addition to any player's arsenal, earning it a commendable rating of eight out of ten.


4. Eclipse Atlal: A Melee-Ranged Hybrid


The Eclipse Atlas introduces a unique dynamic to ranged combat by leveraging melee strength for ranged attacks. Its compatibility with melee gear opens up new strategies for encounters like Demonic Gorillas and DOS of a Masket, where traditional ranged weapons may fall short. Despite its unconventional mechanics, the Atlal proves its worth in scenarios where versatility and adaptability are paramount.


Furthermore, its bleed effect adds an extra layer of utility in both PvE and PvP scenarios, making it a formidable choice for players seeking unconventional yet effective strategies.


Overall, the Eclipse Atlal earns a respectable rating of seven out of ten for its innovative approach to ranged combat, offering players a viable alternative to traditional ranged weaponry.


In Conclusion: Embracing Innovation in Ranged Combat


As the dust settles on the introduction of these new ranged weapons, it becomes evident that each brings its unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. While some may excel in specific scenarios, others may struggle to find their niche amidst established alternatives. Nonetheless, the diversity and innovation showcased by these weapons add depth to Old School RuneScape's combat meta, inviting players to explore new strategies and tactics.


Whether it's the versatile utility of the Deu Salamander, the efficiency of the Sunlight Hunters Crossbow, or the unconventional approach of the Eclipse Atlal, players are presented with a plethora of options to suit their playstyle and preferences. As the meta continues to evolve, these new additions serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation within the RuneScape community, promising exciting possibilities for the future of ranged combat.

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