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Old School RS: Why players choose Slayer as the first level 99 Skill

Jul-01-2024 PST

When I started my journey in Old School RS (OSRS), I had a clear goal: achieving my first level 99 skill. After much deliberation, I chose Slayer as my first 99 for several compelling reasons. Although I had high levels in various other skills, none of them had reached the coveted 99 mark. Here’s a detailed explanation of why Slayer was my top choice and the strategies I employed to achieve it.

The Allure of the Untrimmed Slayer Cape

One of the primary reasons I aimed for 99 Slayer was the untrimmed Slayer cape. The cape’s sleek, all-black design without the trim is a striking piece of fashion. As a huge fan of the aesthetic, I found it to be one of the most appealing capes in the game, making it a personal favorite. Beyond its visual appeal, obtaining an untrimmed Slayer cape symbolized a significant achievement and dedication to a challenging skill.

Passive Combat Leveling

Another reason I chose Slayer was the passive combat experience gained along the way. Training Slayer involves killing a variety of monsters assigned by Slayer Masters, which naturally increases your combat stats. This method allowed me to avoid the monotonous grind of farming combat experience in places like the Nightmare Zone. By focusing on Slayer tasks, I leveled my combat stats organically and efficiently.

Balancing Combat Skills

To ensure Slayer was my first 99, I had to be strategic with my combat training. It was crucial to balance my Hitpoints (HP), Ranged, and Slayer experience so that neither HP nor Ranged reached 99 before Slayer. By the time I hit 99 Slayer, I had about 500k experience left for both HP and Ranged, demonstrating a well-managed balance between these skills.

Efficient Strategies for Training Slayer

Using the Dwarf Multicannon

One of the most effective methods I employed was using the Dwarf Multicannon. This approach significantly increased my Slayer experience per hour but came with a hefty price tag. Over the course of my journey, I used around 250k cannonballs, costing approximately 60 million OSRS GP. While this investment was substantial, the speed and efficiency gained were invaluable.

Completing Slayer Quests

Early on, I completed various Slayer quests to boost my experience. These quests provided substantial XP rewards and helped me bypass the initial grind. For example, the Natural History Museum quiz can quickly get you from 0 to 10 Slayer. Other quests, like Recipe for Disaster’s subquests and Porcine of Interest, offered additional XP without requiring high combat levels.

Choosing the Right Slayer Masters

Selecting the appropriate Slayer Masters was crucial. Here’s a breakdown of my progression:

1. Vanaka (Edgeville Dungeon Master): I started with Vanaka, who is suitable for mid-level players. His tasks helped me build a solid foundation in Slayer.

2. Chaeldar (Zanaris Slayer Master): Upon reaching 70 combat, I switched to Chaeldar. Her tasks were more challenging and provided better experience rates.

3. Neive/Steve (Stronghold Slayer Cave): At 85 combat, I moved on to Neive (later Steve). They offered higher-level tasks, which were great for experience and loot.

4. Duradel (Shilo Village Slayer Master): Finally, at 100 combat, I started using Duradel. As the highest-level Slayer Master, his tasks were the most rewarding in terms of XP and drops.

Key Tasks and Locations

Canonnable Tasks

Focusing on canonnable tasks was a game-changer. Here are some of my favorites:

    • Dust Devils: Located in the Catacombs of Kourend, Dust Devils are excellent for stacking and barraging.

    • Nechryaels: Also in the Catacombs, these monsters provide great magic experience alongside Slayer XP.

    • Aberrant Spectres: Found in the Stronghold Slayer Cave, they’re perfect for canoning while using prayer for protection.

    • Kalphites: The Kalphite Lair is ideal for canoning Kalphite Soldiers, offering fast XP with minimal effort.

    • Suqahs: On Lunar Isle, Suqahs are another excellent canonnable task, though they require the Lunar Diplomacy quest to access.

Higher-Level Monsters

As my Slayer level increased, I took on higher-level monsters:

    • Smoke Devils: At level 93 Slayer, these monsters in the Smoke Devil Dungeon provided great XP and drops. Barraging them with ancient magics was highly efficient.

    • Dark Beasts: Requiring 90 Slayer, Dark Beasts in the Mourner Tunnels were incredibly afkable and dropped valuable dark bows.

    • Abyssal Demons: At 85 Slayer, these demons were great for both XP and the chance of an Abyssal whip drop.

The Importance of a Maxed House

A well-equipped player-owned house (POH) significantly improved my Slayer efficiency. Here’s why:

    • Teleports: Having a Nexus portal, mounted Glory, and other teleport options in my house saved considerable travel time.

    • Ornate Rejuvenation Pool: This pool restored all stats, hitpoints, prayer, and special attacks, making it indispensable during Slayer tasks.

    • Fairy Ring and Spirit Tree: These teleport methods further reduced travel time, allowing me to get to tasks quicker.

Financial Considerations

Training Slayer, especially with a cannon, is expensive. However, the profits from high-level Slayer tasks, like dark bows from Dark Beasts and Abyssal whips from Abyssal Demons, helped offset these costs. Additionally, consistent herb runs and crafting potions ensured I always had a supply of prayer potions, crucial for many Slayer tasks.


Achieving 99 Slayer as my first 99 was a challenging but rewarding journey. The untrimmed Slayer cape is a testament to the dedication required, and the passive combat leveling made it an efficient choice. By strategically balancing combat skills, using the Dwarf Multicannon, completing Slayer quests, choosing the right Slayer Masters, and optimizing my POH, I managed to achieve this milestone. For anyone considering their first 99 in OSRS, Slayer offers a balanced, engaging, and ultimately rewarding path.

RSorder Team