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Old School Runescape 2024 Construction Guide: From Beginner to Builder

Feb-02-2024 PST

This guide is your comprehensive resource for mastering the Construction skill in Old School Runescape (OSRS). It covers everything from the basics to advanced training methods, helping you navigate this costly but rewarding skill.

Why Train Construction?

Construction offers many benefits beyond just bragging rights with the Construction Cape. It allows you to build powerful and convenient features in your Player Owned House (POH), such as:

    · Teleportation portals: Quick access to key locations across Gielinor.

    · Pool of Rejuvenation: Fully restore HP, prayer, stamina, and special attack.

    · Spirit tree and Fairy ring combination: Convenient transportation network.

    · Occult altar: Switch spellbooks on demand.

    · Ornate jewelry box: Unlimited teleports with various rings and necklaces.

The Basics:

    · Getting started: Complete the "Daddy's Home" quest to unlock your POH and gain basic construction knowledge.

    · Essential items: Hammer, saw, planks (different types for different levels), nails (only needed for low-level furniture).

    · Training methods: Build furniture in your POH to gain experience. Destroy it and rebuild for repeat XP.

Training Methods:

RSorder outlines various methods for different budgets and experience goals:

    · Levels 1-33: Build the highest-level chairs you can.

    · Levels 33-52: Make Oak larders (requires Oak planks).

    · Levels 52-77: Craft Mahogany tables (requires Mahogany planks).

    · Levels 77-99: Build Mahogany gnome benches (expensive but fastest method).

Alternative Methods:

    · Mythical Cape rocks: Requires high Construction and a Mythical Cape, but offers decent XP per hour.

    · Mahogany Homes: A new activity where you complete contracts to build furniture in other players' houses. Provides good XP but is slow compared to traditional methods.

Efficient POH Setup:

RSorder recommends building these essential rooms and furniture for an efficient POH:

    · Portal Nexus room: For unlimited teleports with Crystallize Portal Nexus, Mounted Jerix Talisman, and Mounted Digsight Pendant.

    · Superior Garden: With Ornate Pool of Rejuvenation for full stat restoration.

    · Achievement Gallery: With Occult Altar (spellbook switching) and Ornate Jewelry Box (unlimited teleports with rings and necklaces).

    · Spirit tree and Fairy ring combination: Highest stat requirement at level 90 with Spicy Stew boost.

    · Wilderness Obelisk (optional): Quick teleports around the Wilderness.

Reaching Level 99:

RSorder suggests the following progression for optimal time and cost:

    · Levels 1-33: Chairs.

    · Levels 33-74: Oak larders.

    · Levels 74-99: Oak dungeon doors (slightly cheaper but slower than Mahogany gnome benches).

Budget Training:

For a budget-friendly approach, consider:

    · Mahogany homes contracts: Get the Carpenter's outfit for a 2.5% XP boost and the Plank sack for increased inventory space.

    · Lower-level methods: Stick to chairs, larders, or Mahogany tables until you can afford faster methods.

Final Tips:

    · Utilize servants at level 20+ to automatically bring you planks.

    · Consider temporary XP boosts like Spicy Stews.

    · Join the "Colonello" clan for construction-focused discussions and tips.

Remember: Construction is expensive! Prepare to spend a significant amount of gold throughout your training journey.

Thank you for joining RSorder on this construction adventure! He encourages you to share your preferred training methods and look out for his next guide on mastering the Hunter skill.

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I hope this comprehensive guide helps you navigate the world of construction in OSRS and build your dream POH!

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