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Old School RuneScape Journey: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid for New Players

Jan-12-2024 PST

Embarking on the journey of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) can be an overwhelming experience, especially for newcomers. As someone with thousands of hours invested in the game, I've witnessed common mistakes made by newer players. In this article, we'll delve into the top five blunders that many tend to make and provide insights on how to avoid them, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable progression in the world of Gielinor.

Mistake #5: Neglecting Quests


While OSRS doesn't force players into quest-centric gameplay, overlooking quests can hinder your progress. Questing early on provides substantial level-ups and unlocks new content. For instance, completing the Waterfall Quest immediately after Tutorial Island catapults your character to level 30 in both attack and strength, saving you precious time. Additionally, crucial areas like Morytania are inaccessible without completing specific quests, emphasizing the importance of tackling quests early in your journey.


Skipping quests may seem tempting initially, but it leads to missed opportunities for obtaining essential items and can make later quests more challenging and less enjoyable. Quests often provide valuable rewards, and neglecting them might leave you without iconic items like Barrows gloves.


Mistake #4: Ignoring RuneLite


In the current OSRS landscape, RuneLite has become an integral part of the gaming experience. This open-source community client, approved by Jagex, offers a plethora of useful features and quality-of-life upgrades. Over 70% of players prefer RuneLite over the official PC client, and for good reason.


RuneLite introduces essential plugins like the quest helper, loot tracker, menu entry swapper, and others that significantly enhance gameplay. Features like the HD or GPU plugin elevate the graphics quality, making the game visually appealing. Embracing RuneLite ensures a more enjoyable and efficient gaming experience, with countless advantages that can't be overlooked.


Mistake #3: Failing to Research Training Methods


RuneScape is renowned for its grindy nature, and efficiently training skills is crucial for a successful journey. New players often overlook the significance of researching viable training methods, leading to inefficient use of their time.


Whether it's the Waterfall Quest for quick combat level-ups or discovering improved skilling methods, taking a few minutes to research can save you countless hours in the long run. Understanding optimal training methods tailored to your playstyle is essential for avoiding unnecessary time investments and achieving your goals more efficiently.


Mistake #2: Prioritizing Money-Making Too Early


New players often fall into the trap of prioritizing OSRS gold money-making over skill training in the early stages. While accumulating wealth is an integral aspect of OSRS, focusing on it too early can be counterproductive. In the early game, most essential items are relatively inexpensive, and skill training takes precedence.


Rushing to amass wealth can result in neglecting skill development, hindering your overall progression. Leveling up skills not only provides increased damage and utility but also unlocks more lucrative money-making methods in the long run. Balancing skill training and wealth accumulation is crucial for a well-rounded and successful gaming experience.


Mistake #1: Falling for Scams


One of the most prevalent issues in OSRS is the abundance of scammers and lure attempts, especially around the Grand Exchange. New players are often targeted, making it essential to be vigilant and informed.


Avoid trading items directly with other players; instead, utilize the Grand Exchange for safe transactions. Be wary of individuals urging you to drop items or participate in suspicious activities, especially in PVP worlds. The golden rule is simple: if an opportunity seems too good to be true, it likely is. Refrain from attempting to outsmart scammers, as they may employ tactics that catch even experienced players off guard.


Final Thought:


Embarking on the Old School RuneScape journey is a thrilling experience, but avoiding common pitfalls is crucial for a successful adventure. By prioritizing quests, embracing RuneLite, researching training methods, striking a balance between wealth and skill development, and staying vigilant against scams, new players can navigate Gielinor more effectively. May your journey be filled with successful quests, efficient skill training, and a thriving bank account in the world of OSRS.