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Old School RuneScape: Sailing Skill 2024 Update

Jan-31-2024 PST

Welcome to the exciting world of Old School RuneScape, where the developers are hard at work bringing a brand-new experience to the game - the Sailing skill. In this article, we'll delve into the details shared by the developers in the RuneScape Sailing Developer Diary, exploring the milestones, challenges, and exciting features that come with the introduction of this groundbreaking skill.

The Development Journey:

The journey of creating the Sailing skill for Old School RuneScape is a meticulous process, and the developers aim to strike the right balance between content richness and a reasonable release timeline. As the first new skill in the game, the team recognizes the importance of delivering a fully realized experience while acknowledging the evolving nature of RuneScape skills. Sailing, once released, will continue to receive regular updates to keep the experience fresh and engaging for players.

The Roadmap:

The development process is divided into nine major milestones, with navigation being the current focus. The roadmap includes primary gameplay, ship customization, cruise system, ship combat, secondary gameplay, and more advanced features. The developers have also decided to separate the development of islands and points of interest, allowing them to be designed independently and integrated seamlessly into the sailing experience.

Prioritizing Infrastructure:

The underlying technology for sailing takes precedence to ensure a seamless and natural feel to the skill. The developers have successfully implemented the core infrastructure, enabling players to gain experience, level up, and track their sailing progress. Players can now own boats of various types, from small rowboats to large galleons, providing a diverse collection for avid sailors.

Navigating the Seas:

Navigation is a crucial aspect of the sailing skill, and the core infrastructure has been developed to make it feel both seamless and smooth. Players will spend a considerable amount of time at sea, so it's essential that navigation feels intuitive. The team has also explored boat collision, logging out at sea, ship speed, turning circles, and interactions between boats and land to allow for exciting possibilities like docking.

Trimming the Sails:

One interesting gameplay mechanic introduced is the act of trimming sails. Players must trim their sails periodically while not at the port to ensure their ship can move at full speed. While the demonstration may exaggerate the speed difference, the final implementation is expected to be more subtle. This is just one aspect of sailing, and the skill promises a variety of activities to keep players engaged.

Completing the Skill:

In a tongue-in-cheek moment, the developers humorously announce the completion of the skill by allowing players to train sailing from level 1 to 99. However, they assure players that this is just the beginning, and sailing has much more to offer. The basics of core gameplay have been implemented, including trimming sails, but the developers are keeping additional activities under wraps for now.

Player Journey and Progression:

The player's journey in sailing is divided into early, mid, and late-game stages. Each stage introduces new challenges, activities, and unlocks. The early game focuses on Port Sarim, progressing towards Catherby and Port Khazard. Mid-game involves large ships and crew management, emphasizing exploration and secondary training methods. The late game introduces colossal vessels and complex gameplay, providing a sense of achievement for dedicated sailors.

Beta Opportunities and Community Involvement:

Beta testing is crucial for refining the sailing experience, and the developers plan to offer at least three opportunities for players to participate in testing before the official launch. The tech alpha will focus on refining navigation, while the open betas will cover ship customization, crew management, cap sizing, and ship combat. Players are encouraged to share their feedback, and the developers express their commitment to involving the community in the skill's development.

Community Contests and Contributions:

For the creative minds in the RuneScape community, the developers announce community contests for designing the sailing skill icon and skill cape. Additionally, players will have the chance to design their own islands for potential inclusion in the game. These initiatives not only showcase the community-driven nature of the project but also allow players to leave their mark on the game world.

Final Thought:

The introduction of the Sailing skill to Old School RuneScape marks a significant milestone in the game's history. With a careful development roadmap, a commitment to player feedback, and exciting gameplay mechanics, sailing promises to be a dynamic and immersive experience for both new and veteran players. As the developers navigate the seas of development, players can look forward to exploring uncharted territories and embarking on a unique adventure in the ever-evolving world of RuneScape.

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